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Trail to Adventure Newsletter

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TAP (The Adventure Plan) Is Here and IT IS BIG

TAP into this outstanding tool for units planning outings at BSATAP.ORG

Local Council Participation Grant Application – If your council participates in some of the National Vendor Programs, you could get money back by applying for this grant.

Portable Outdoor Programming for Cub Scout Events

A Cub World is a special place for Cub Scouts to go and enjoy an outdoor adventure. Cub World features are usually permanent structures in which a Cub Scout can become immersed in a thematic program concept. It is a local, council-owned facility where Cub Scouting event themes and Cub Scouts’ imaginations come alive. The facilities can be costly. Read about some transportable, temporary structures that can be used almost anywhere. Click here for more information.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Award Available

The Stand Up Paddleboarding Award has quickly become one of the favorite activities at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base as well as many Scout camps around the country. The emblem (SKU 618632) and certificate (SKU 618552) are available from the Supply Group, and the award codes for ScoutNET PAS are: for youth, 850; and adults, 851. For more information, go to: www.scouting.org/outdoor-program/aquatics.

Scuba Diving Program at Your Summer Camp

We would like to make you aware of a valuable resource to councils that may be considering offering a scuba diving program. The Florida National High Adventure Sea Base has enjoyed a partnership with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) for more than 20 years. Together, they have dedicated innumerable man-hours and significant financial assistance to make the scuba program a reality. PADI has been a leader in bringing us the Snorkel BSA Award, Scuba BSA Award, and most recently, the Scuba merit badge.

New Outdoor Ethics Guide Handbook Available

The purpose of this new handbook is to guide units in developing a culture that effectively demonstrates responsible outdoor choices that reduce impacts of Scouting activities. The handbook identifies the responsibilities of the outdoor ethics guide, provides ideas on how to carry out this role, and lists resources. It also provides methods for leaders to support Scouts selected for this position and a way to evaluate success.  It is available online as webpages or pdf.