Outdoor Ethics Awards

Guided by the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace, millions of Scouts have enhanced their awareness of the natural world around them, minimizing impact to the land. For Scouts who have a deep interest in the outdoors, nature, and the environment, Scouting’s outdoor ethics will give you an ever-deeper appreciation of the richness of the land and how we fit into it. If you are prepared to venture down the path of really becoming aware of your surroundings, of building the skills that will allow you to leave no trace on the land, then the Outdoor Ethics Awareness and Action Awards are for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I purchase the Outdoor Ethics Awareness and Action Awards?
A: They can be ordered through National Supply Group. The Awareness Award is SKU 618280, while the Action Award is SKU 618977. Visit www.scoutstuff.org.

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