Outdoor Awards – 

For a full list of BSA awards visit the BSA awards Central. Below are some awards that are specific to Outdoor Programs

50-Miler Award—This embroidered patch, No. 00191, or leather patch, No. 00241, is earned when a Scout hikes, paddles, bikes, or rides horseback for at least 50 miles over five consecutive days, performs 10 hours of service, and completes the 50-Miler Award application, No. 34408.

Complete Angler Recognition—The Complete Angler recognition was established by the BSA’s National Fishing Task Force in October 2014 to honor well-rounded youth anglers. Scouts who have earned the Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Fish and Wildlife Management merit badges can earn the award. 

Conservation Good Turn—This award is for Scout units that perform a meaningful conservation project and complete the Conservation Good Turn Award application, No. 21-386, may be awarded a Conservation Good Turn certificate, No. 21-389.

Firem’n Chit—This card, No. 34236, signifies that a Scout has read the fire use and safety section in the Scouts BSA Handbook and accepts responsibility for fire safety.

Historic Trails Award—This embroidered patch, No. 00188, or leather patch, No. 00244, is earned when a Scout studies about a historic trail, hikes and camps along it, performs a public service project, and completes the Historic Trails Award application, No. 34408.

Keep America Beautiful Hometown USA Award—This embroidered patch, No. 356,  is earned when a Scout’s BSA member earns 3 of 13 conservation merit badges and leads a community service conservation project of 8 hours or more.  For Keep America Beautiful Hometown USA Award Application  click  here

National Outdoor Badges—The six National Outdoor Badges recognize a Scout who demonstrates both knowledge and experience in camping, hiking, aquatics, riding, conservation or adventure. Scouts earning the National Outdoor Badges have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable, safe, and comfortable in the outdoor activity covered by the badge. The National Medal for Outdoor Adventure recognizes Scouts who have demonstrated exceptional outdoor proficiency in at least three areas of outdoor endeavor.

National Outdoor Challenge Application – This is a unit award to encourage troops to do more outdoor trips and long-term camping, have an annual program plan, have an activity with a Webelos den, conduct a Leave No Trace program, and teach outdoor-related merit badges.

Outdoor Ethics Awareness and Action AwardsScouts, Venturers and adult Scouters earn the Outdoor Ethics Awareness and Action Awards by learning more about the Outdoor Code, Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly! and then putting this knowledge into practice on outings, teaching others, and assisting in a related service project. 

Paul Bunyan Award—This card, No. 34235, and corresponding patch recognize that a Scout has used woods tools skills to accomplish one of several beneficial projects.

Totin’ Chip—This card, No. 34234, indicates that a Scout has demonstrated proper handling, care, and use of the pocketknife, ax, and saw.

World Conservation Award—This distinctive panda patch, No. 00140, is earned by Scouts who complete either the Environmental Science or Sustainability merit badge; Citizenship in the World merit badge; and either the Soil and Water Conservation or Fish and Wildlife Management merit badge. The Scout must also participate in a conservation project as part of an approved Scouting program totaling at least three hours that addresses a conservation need common to more than one country. Scout applicants must complete the World Conservation Award application.

Aquatics Awards