Organized camping is a creative, educational experience in cooperative groups living in the outdoors. It uses the natural surroundings to contribute significantly to physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth.

  • Camping contributes to good health.
  • Camping helps campers develop self-reliance and resourcefulness.
  • Camping enhances spiritual growth.
  • Camping contributes to social development.
  • Camping is an experience in citizenship training. 

2021 Virtual Camp Opportunities

Virtual camps offered by BSA councils from across the country will continue to challenge and excite your Scout! They will be able to interact with Scouts from across the country, all while learning new Scouting skills. This list will continue to be updated so be sure to check back!

Click here to see a list of camps available from around the country for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA members.

The Cub Scout Outdoor Program

Cub Scouting offers overnight camping opportunities for Cub Scouts through long-term camps, Webelos den overnight campouts, council-organized short-term or family camps, and pack overnighters. For more information on Cub Scout camping guidelines click here

Pack Overnight Site Appraisal Form This site appraisal form is to be used by the local BSA council to evaluate pack overnight family camping locations. It should be kept on file in the council office for local unit reference and is periodically reviewed for accuracy.

Cub Scout Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp introduces Cub Scouts to camping and helps them develop outdoor skills at an age-appropriate level that will later be applied more thoroughly as a Scout. 

For information and resources on Cub Scout Day Camp Click HERE

The Scouts BSA Outdoor Program

Outdoor adventure is the promise made to boys and girls when they join Scouting. Young people yearn for outdoor programs that stir their imagination and interest. Learn More about the Scouts BSA Outdoor Program

For additional resources for Scouts BSA Program consider – The Adventure Plan (TAP) now available on which provides Unit leaders a digital tool kit of all resources useful in planning and conducting outdoor adventures. 

Scout Outdoor Awards

There are several awards related to the Outdoor Programs of the BSA that can supplement your Scout BSA experience. Click here to learn about these awards and recognition. 

Historic Trails

Short-Term Camp

A short-term camp is any council-organized overnight camping program, whether one-time or continuing, that is one, two or three nights in length where the council or its agents provide the staffing and may provide program and food services, and includes camps conducted off council properties. National training courses are subject to the short-term camp requirements, regardless of format or duration. 

For information and resources on short-term camp, click here.

Long-Term Camp

A long-term camp is a council-organized camp of four nights or more that operates under council-retained leadership.

For information and resources as a camp director, click here.

Outdoor Programs Committee Guide

The Outdoor Programs Committee Guide, No. 430-935, is designed to help councils and districts offer a balanced outdoor program that delivers the promise of Scouting—from Cub Scouting to Venturing and Sea Scouting. The publication emphasizes integration of partner committees (Conservation, COPE/Climbing, Aquatics, Fishing, Shooting, Properties, Maintenance, Risk Management, and Health and Safety) to achieve the program goals of the council. The appendix includes a self-assessment tool to help councils identify areas for improvement.