A council’s largest assets are the properties that it owns or leases. The pages below are meant to aid the council to develop these properties to best utilize them to serve youth and adults in the BSA. Didn’t find what you need? Contact a member of the Outdoor Properties team. 

Fiix – BSA partner maintenance software

Learn about the BSA partnership with Fiix to manage your maintenance and work orders of camp. Download the flier here

Fiix Webinars

Introduction to Fiix –  by Joanne Wood (34 min)

Step by step of using the software (1 of 3) – by Dave Cornell (1 hour 28 min)

Step by step of using the software (2 of 3) – by Dave Cornell (1 hour 41 min)

Step by step of using the Mobile app (3 of 3) – By Dave Cornell (34 min)

Region and Area Maps

Download the maps of all of the councils/camps in each Region and Area of the BSA

Properties Designs

BSA design Guidelines – A library of BSA designs for various buildings/assets

Camp Showers and Latrine drawing – design drawings example to upgrade your Showers and Latrines

Other Resources

Program Quality Evaluation Tool – A plan to help your camp improve the overall program deliveryCamp Development and Maintenance Resources – articles and discussions of various topics

Best Practices – some case study examples of best practices from across the country

Conservation Resources – guides for conserving your largest asset

Did You Know? – some articles to think about for camp as a whole

Rangers’ Roost – Ranger resources

Training and Resources –  a list of training that can be delivered by the Outdoor Program and Properties team

The Truth About Conservation Easements – some guideline to think about when deciding on entering into a conservation easement 

Bike Program Guides – develop biking programs for your camp using these guides

Mount Baker Council Scout Camp Master Plan – a great example of a master plan for a camp

Portland, Oregon: Long Range Property Plan  – An excellent go-by with survey results

Contact Outdoor Programs/Properties – a PDF of the members of the Outdoor Programs and Properties team