Camp Director Resource Page

This page is meant to have a place for directors of local council camps to access a variety of resources that may help your camp operation. Many of these resources are on the public domain and are not affiliated with the BSA. We do not endorse any of these, we are simply listing here as a reference for you. if there is something you wish were here that we do not have, please let us know at 

Webinar Series

Below are links to the webinar recordings from Outdoor Programs. 

Pre-Camp Leaders meeting 3-11-2020 – This link has the complete Zoom meeting. Topics include: Mental Health, Camp Staff, Tick Tracker, NCAP 2020 and more. 

BSA Summer Camps in Uncertain Times COVID -19 Discussion Group – March 26th conversation about the COVID -19 impact on camps.

Building Your Decision Timeline for Summer 2020 – A discussion about how to build your decision guide and items to consider. 

Communicating with Parents and Leaders During COVID – 19 – A discussion about building your communication plan and considerations for communicating to your customers. 


General Resources

COVID resources – This link is the ACA COVID resource page for camps

COVID training resources – this link is the ACA COVID online learning and event page

Coronavirus Crisis Communications triage kit – a link to the communications network page for crisis communications

ACA website – the link to the American Camp Association website. A site for all camp professionals. Some portions require membership.

ACA Free Video series – This link provides free videos from the ACA on a variety of topics. 

Camp Nurse – this site is helpful for health information for camps. Some portions require membership. 

Healthy Camp starts at home – a resource to share with parents to help develop healthy habits prior to arrival at camp. 

Kid President Letter – A sample letter to your staff on the first day of camp – Resource from Kim Aycock

Mental Health Resources

Mental Wellness for Campers and Staff: Tips for the Camp Professional – Link to an online course from the ACA

Stress management – a checklist of signs of over stress by Dr. Anthony Rao PhD. 

Stress management – Link to YouTube video on stress management

Stress Management – 17 Science-Based ways to relieve stress

The importance of Sleep – Video on the importance of enough sleep – 

The Trauma Informed Camp  – a Checklist for your Trauma response at your camp. Resource from Linda Erceg

Camper Mental Health – A discussion about mental health for Campers by Chris Thurber PhD. 

Mental Health First Aid – Link for Mental Health for youth courses 

Behind Happy Faces – Link to guide for taking care of your own mental health for young adults

Staff Recruitment Resources

Project Real Job – link for staff recruitment and social media resources from the ACA

Food Service

Purell for food service Video – link for a video on food surface purell cleaner

FREE Food Safety online courses – This link is to the ServSafe resource and offers some free online courses related to food service


ATV Recreational vehicle – link to Recreational Off Highway Vehicle Associaiton (ROVA)Safety tips