Camp Ranger Basic

Who Should Attend?

Any employee assigned to perform a ranger’s responsibilities on a year-round basis, regardless of title, including assistant rangers. Camp Ranger Basic training must be obtained within 12 months of the date of employment. For information regarding NCAP training requirements for rangers, please review NCAP standard SQ-404. 


Why attend Camp Ranger Basic?

Camp Rangers are key staff in every council. They are often the “face of the council” by the very nature of the position. Rangers meet and greet customers (leaders and youth), maintain community  relationships, care for valuable assets and are ambassadors for the camp. Camp Ranger Basic provides a different set of tools  to help prepare new Rangers for this complex role.


What professional development will a ranger receive during the course?

Soft Skills

Communications, risk management, customer service, operations, managing others, time management, BSA structure, regulations, emergency procedures and more!

Technical Knowledge

Carpentry, plumbing, equipment maintenance, welding, fire prevention, electrical maintenance, chain saw operation, vehicle operation and more!

2021 - 2022 Camp Ranger Basic Training Dates and Information

  • January 23-29, 2022 at Bert Adams Scout Camp, Covington, Georgia – PLUS you can arrive on January 21st and be certified in Chain Saw Basic. This extra training option will be held January 21-23, for an additional $125. Register for this precourse chainsaw training here.
  • March 6-12, 2022 at Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron New Mexico
  • November 6-12, 2022 at Camp Naish, Kansas City Kansas 


How to Register

Upon approval of your Scout Executive:

  • Visit and log in.
  • Click on “Resources”
  • Click on “Scouting University-Employee Learn Center”
    • Search the catalog for “camp ranger basic” to see current courses available for registration.
    • For additional support, follow the steps outlined in the FAQ section or email 

Special Note: You must have a email address and password to access the Scouting University “Employee Learn Center”. Individuals wishing to register must also be listed in PeopleSoft with Ranger 1 or Ranger 2 position codes for registration to be completed.


Pre-Course Required Online Learning Modules

Prior to arriving for the in-person course, rangers must take a series of e-learning modules which cover fundamental Scouting topics on programs, time management and working with volunteers. The Camp Ranger Basic learning plan is available on the Scouting University- Employee Learn Center. Access it through MyBSA – Resources – Scouting University – Employee Learn Center, or Scouting University – Employee Learn Center link. For a step by step guide, click here CRB E-Learning Modules How To.



Camp Ranger Basic FAQ’s

Who is eligible to attend Ranger School?
New Camp Rangers or persons fulfilling the role of resident property manager with responsibilities for property maintenance.

What does a week at Camp Ranger Basic look like?
The curriculum is intentionally designed to balance the administrative skills needed to manage a property and the hard (trade) skills to keep the facility operational. Solid administrative and people management skills are essential from day one on the job. Trade skills can be acquired over time or can be accomplished by recruiting and utilizing talented volunteers.

Who will teach/facilitate the training?
The training is facilitated by a select faculty, that includes tenured rangers, camp managers and subject matter experts in trade skills.

How do I access e-learning modules after registering for Camp Ranger Basic?
To qualify to take the in-person course, Rangers must take a series of e-learning modules which cover fundamental Scouting topics on programs, time management and working with volunteers. The Camp Ranger Basic learning plan is available on the Scouting University- Employee Learn Center. Access it through MyBSA – Resources – Scouting University – Employee Learn Center, or Scouting University – Employee Learn Center link.

How much does it cost to attend?
The fee for training is $550 plus travel. Meals, lodging, and materials are included in the fee. Course fee is due at the time of registration.

Why was National Camping School Ranger training changed?
Ranger training was updated to reflect other BSA employee training programs and to provide regular opportunities to gain practical experience and focused ongoing training that meets the needs of the employee and the council.


Continuing Education Hours FAQ’s

How many Continuing Education Hours are required annually?
Camp Rangers are required to obtain 12 continuing education hours* (CEH) of training annually to maintain valid credentials.

The longstanding requirement to recertify at National Camping School every five years has been replaced by the new CEH format. To satisfy the 2022 NCAP standard, Rangers must complete and document 12 CEH’s during calendar year 2021. Going forward, this same format will apply. For example, to satisfy 2023 NCAP standards, Rangers would complete 12 CEH’s in calendar year 2022. This format continues for 2023 and beyond. *CEH are “learning hours” and can be any combination of classroom and/or hands-on training.

How will Rangers maintain their credentials?
A continuing education hours (CEH) program has been developed. This program allows maximum flexibility for distance learning, local courses, and special “trade schools” offered by the BSA to accumulate CE credits. Additionally, CE credits can be entered in Fiix, the BSA’s computer maintenance management system, so it will be easy to track and record CEH’s.

How do I select courses for Ranger CEH’s?
Content is selected based on local council and Ranger’s needs for skill or personal development. The Ranger and supervisor decide on the best application of the required minimum hours and build this into the annual work plan. It is customized to the needs of each ranger and council.

How do I record CEH’s?
It is essential that a letter, certificate, or other document be obtained that documents the CEH’s earned. This should be documented in the council’s NCAP records to support NCAP standard SQ-404.


Continuing Education Hours FAQ— the rest of the story

This path to ongoing training is very flexible. Camp Rangers, working with their supervisor can customize a training plan that best suits both the individual and the camp. The training can be technical, administrative, or personal development. Below are some examples of options to satisfy CEH requirements:

  • Technical licensing to operate plant and equipment such as pools, water systems or waste treatment plants
  • Community College courses of a technical, business or management nature, including project management
  • Scouting University Courses that build soft skills and leadership skills.
  • Online courses of a technical, mathematics or business nature.
  • BSA seminars that offer sessions on properties, BSA policy or council business such as the National Outdoor Conference, Regional outdoor conferences or other BSA workshops that offer knowledge and skills related to the position.
  • Trade-based courses offered by BSA.
  • BSA program training, including climbing, aquatics, climbing, COPE, etc.
  • The Outdoor Programs & Properties “Properties or Facilities Management Course” offered annually.
  • Other courses that pertain to the specific requirements of the council as agreed upon by the Scout Executive/designee.
“I met with our ranger who recently returned from Camp Ranger Basic to discuss his 90-day plan. He is progressing nicely and has very solid goals for this year. I wanted to take a moment and thank the BSA for changing the Ranger training format. While the hands-on skills are greatly needed, this training has been long overdue for an overhaul to better prepare Rangers for the administrative role they have in operating our camps.”
Facilities manager

For more information, contact Outdoor Programs at 

Camp Ranger Basic Class Photo - January 2021 at Bert Adams Scout Camp