Camping COVID-19 Resource Center

The safety and health of campers and staff is always the highest priority at camp, and BSA camps have a long history of planning for and managing communicable diseases. With the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within the United States, camps are reviewing and updating health-related plans and procedures. If there is something you wish were here that we do not have, please let us know at 

COVID-19 General Camp Resources
(Updated 4-28-2021)

Additional Resources (Updated 4-28-2021)

BSA COVID-19 Webinar Series –

(Updated 7-30-2021)


Below are links to the webinar recordings from Outdoor Programs (most recent listed first). 

Day Camp and COVID-19 Mitigation – A discussion on various COVID-19 mitigation strategies that will support your Day Camp COVID-19 mitigation planning. – May 18, 2021

Short-term Camp and COVID-19 Considerations – A walk-through of the decision guidelines for operation of a short-term camp. Includes strategies for risk mitigation and a look at the applicable NCAP standards – Jan 21, 2021

Penn State Pro Wellness and Camp Food Service– A discussion with Penn State about Camp Revamp and with camps who delivered food in various ways in 2020. Heart of America Council – Campsite delivery, Alamo Area Council – Dining Hall, and Longs Peak Council – Family Style dining hall. Links to some great resources for camp food service. – Jan 14,2021

Lessons Learned from Camp– Five councils who operated in person Day, weekend and Resident Camps in 2020 share the lessons learned through their experiences. Also a look at lessons learned nationally. – September 3, 2020