ATV Safety Program

Polaris is the Official ATV Provider of the Boy Scouts of America

All-terrain vehicles combine dirt and a motor — what’s a Scout or Venturer not to like?

Recognizing this winning mix, the BSA launched council-level ATV programs at camps across the country. In March 2014, Polaris — a leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles — entered a 10-year partnership with the BSA, to provide top-of-the-line ATVs, safety equipment and ASI Rider Safety Training to help deliver this exciting safety program to even more youth. 

Now, with the help of Polaris, Scouts and Venturers age 14 and older will not only learn to drive the crème de la crème of ATV equipment, but they’ll also receive safety instruction vetted by a company with 60 years of industry expertise. Read more.

Scouts and Scouters can become certified riders through the Polaris ATV Safety Program at BSA Scout camps allowing them to rent and drive off-road vehicles in states that require the training.

ATV SAFETY WEEK | The ATV Safety Institute (ASI) launched ATV Safety Week in 2013 and continues to provide safety information to families who ride. Read more.

TREAD LIGHTLY | Tread Lightly is recognized by the BSA Outdoor Ethics committee as the leading expert on balancing the need to maintain a healthy ecosystem with the needs of people who enjoy outdoor recreation activities. Scouts and Scouters learn how to ride off-road vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner. Visit the Tread Lightly website for access to these materials and more.


     BSA Safety Moment on All-Terrain Vehicles

     Polaris Safety Resources

     Polaris Safety Video

ELIGIBILITY | Youth must be 14+ years old and registered in any BSA program to ride an ATV. Youth are not allowed to drive or ride UTV’s.

RECOGNITION | Every youth who participates will receive a patch and certificate from their local council (provided by Polaris).


CURRENT CAMPS | Click here to find a Polaris ATV Safety Program at a Scout camp near you.

This is 60+ miles with four days of travel on ATVs. Trails will include a mixture of singletrack, doubletrack and a small amount of gravel. The trails are easy to intermediate in difficulty with some optional difficult mud holes. Stops along the way include epic vistas, exciting side programs and natural STEM education moments. Everyone will especially love the Thursday afternoon mud hole training. We’ll intentionally get as stuck as possible in the biggest mud holes we can find. Then get ourselves out using ATV techniques, z-drag systems, and winches.

Participants need no prior ATV experience, just a readiness to get dirty and push their limits. Trail riding an ATV requires moving your body around over the machine and can be significantly more exhausting than new riders expect.

Click here to learn more.

HOW IT WORKS | Starting in 2014 (through 2024) Polaris will loan up to 150 ATV’s and safety equipment (gloves, helmets and goggles) to councils for 3-year terms. Councils will have the option to purchase those units at the end of the term at a discounted rate.

Participating councils commit to a set of parameters to receive ATV’s. Council ATV Safety Programs are coordinated through the Outdoor Programs and Properties department at the BSA National Service Center. Reach out to if you’d like more information.

YOUR COUNCIL’S CONTACT PERSON | By default, the Scout Executive is the primary contact person. However, they may choose to designate someone else to serve as your council’s ATV Program contact person by completing this online form. This person will receive the Polaris welcome packets and is responsible for submitting all required paperwork in a timely manner.

Your Council’s ATV Program Contact Person

DISCOUNTED ATVs AND UTVs | Continue delivering your ATV safety program by taking advantage of the price discount provided by Polaris. Prices vary each year. Contact BSA National Supply for details.

MARKETING COLLATERAL | Use these social images and more to promote your council’s ATV safety program. Please be sure to include the Polaris logo in your local marketing materials.