Purpose of BSA Shooting Sports

The Purpose of BSA shooting sports is to introduce youth to shooting. The BSA shooting programs are based on age appropriateness and safety with the goal of developing a positive shooting experience for each youth. 

Program Specific Information

Cub Scouts Shooting Sports

In May 2018 Cub Scout Shooting Sports Age Appropriate guidelines changed. 

The Cub Scout Shooting Sports documents are in process of being updated so please use the Age Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities for guidance on appropriate shooting sports programs .

Scouts BSA Shooting Sports

Venture & Sea Scout Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports and National Camping School/NCAP

Shooting Sports is an important part of our BSA camping operations. In order to have a safe and fun shooting sports program, the BSA has set forth safety standards and training for all volunteers and staff who will be in charge of Shooting Sports Activities. For a complete list of these standards, see the links below. 

National Camp Accreditation Program

National Camping School

NRA Instructor course listings:

2022 Dates

Additional Dates will be added here as they are confirmed. Registration for these courses will be found here as well.

Hosted by: Southwest Florida Council

Local Council Contact: Bruce Hassy

Hosted by: Pacific Skyline Council

Local Council Contact: Andrew Wilmes

Hosted By: Flint River

Local Council Contact: Josh Donaldson


Hosted by: Crossroads of the West Council

Local Council Contact: Jeremy Bell

Hosted by: Pathway to Adventure Council

Host Council Contact: Amy Hutcherson

Hosted by: Chief Seattle Council

Local Council Contact: Bill Beaumont

Hosted by: Five Rivers Council

Local Council Contact: Karl Ziegenfus

Hosted By: Indians Nations Council 

Local Council Contact: Scott Theissen

Hosted by: Laurel Highlands Council

Local Council Contact: Mike Manner

Hosted by: Old North State Council

Local Council Contact: Bud Harrelson

Hosted By: Illowa Council

Local Council Contact: Jeff Doty

Hosted by: Cascade Pacific Council

Local Council Contact: Todd McDonald

Hosted by: Senecca Waterways Council

Local Council Contact: Don DeClerck

NRA Instructor Course Pre-Requisites: All BSA shooting sports candidates MUST take a basic student class in their discipline before attending the instructor class.   Therefore, before you can attend and be certified as a NRA Rifle and Shotgun instructor, you MUST already have taken and passed NRA Basic Rifle and Shotgun classes. The BSA and NRA offer these courses at discounted prices across the country or you can attend any commercial NRA Basic Rifle and Shotgun classes. To find a Basic Rifle and/or Shotgun course in  your area, please visit: 

Once completed you will need to bring proof of completion with you to the instructor course. You will also need to bring your student materials with you to the course. 

The instructor course will ask you to be able to follow a syllabus and instruct materials during the class. The materials will be sent to from the NRA training counselor prior to the course. You will need to have access to use the digital files during your instructor course, so it is recommended that you bring a laptop computer or tablet with you to the course. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the contact for your course listed below or email .

BSA Pistol Safety and Marksmanship Training


  1. Councils wishing to offer the program also need to complete the Shooting Sports Application to be able to offer the program and for the candidate to be admitted to the course. 
  2. The candidate must be approved by the local council
  3. The candidate must agree to help the local council in the year round program
  4. Candidates must be certified in NRA Pistol Instructor and present those certificates,cards to the Chief BSA Scouting Pistol Safety and Marksmanship Instructor. The Chief Instructor will confirm that the candidates are eligible to attend the course based on this information. (Prior to arrival at the course)
  5. The candidates must have read and reviewed the NRA Basic of Pistol Shooting Lesson Plan-ILT and be familiar and read the power points of NRA Basic of Pistol Shooting lesson plans.  
  6. The candidate must have taught the basic of Pistol Shooting Course at least twice in the last six months.  Each of these courses must have a minimum of 2 students. These course must be documented in the NRA Instructors website and confirmed by the Chief BSA Scouting Pistol Safety and Marksmanship Instructor. 
  7. The candidate must bring a copy of the lessons plans and the power points.  The candidate must be proactive before coming to the course.  This means the candidate must have rehearsed delivering syllabuses.  
  8. The candidate must be able to pass the NRA Pistol Instructor course of fire using a .22 cal pistol. 
During the course:
  1.  The candidates will present the entire course to the instructors facilitating the course.  
  2. The instructors will evaluate each candidate for proficiency and competence while teaching the lesson plans. 
  3. The course instructors will make recommendations for improvement and the instructor candidates will present the entire BSA Scouting Pistol Safety and Marksmanship  class to youth.  This instruction will determine whether the candidate will successfully complete the course and be certified. Candidates who are found to be deficient in presenting the lessons plans will not pass this course. 

Hosted by: North Florida Council

Local Council Contact: Eli Rivera

Hosted By: Illowa Council

Local Council Contact: Jeff Doty 

Hosted by: Piedmont Council

Local Council Contact: Mark Belli

Additional information regarding BSA Pistol Shooting activities, training and requirements 

National Shooting Sports Manual

Due to a large number of changes and additions to BSA Shooting Sports since the Shooting Sports Manual was released, here are some corrected and supplemental information to follow until a new Shooting Sports Manual is produced.

Shooting Sports Manual Supplement

Chalk Ball, Sporting Arrows, Pistol Safety and Marksmanship program, Cowboy Action Shooting 

If your council plans to offer these programs, you must complete the Shooting Sports Application  prior to offering these activities. (This application must be submitted annually)

Additional Shooting Sports Resources

BSA Range Design Standards

Download the design document: range design

Your council must engage an architect or engineer locally to ensure your final design incorporates local geography and is meeting all local standards and laws for your county or state.  The guidelines established are minimum standards, the final design must contain the projectile within the range. Designing an all-purpose range is not desirable because of the specific differences in the disciplines.


Procedures to Use Public or Private Property for a Shooting Sports Range

This worksheet must be used to determine if public or private land is suitable for use as a shooting sports range.

Contact at: