Pack Meeting Resources


The pack meeting brings all of the dens in the pack together for the purposes of recognizing the achievements of the Cub Scouts, communicating information about upcoming events, and providing a program that enriches the Cub Scouting experience.  It helps the Cubs realize their den is part of a larger organization.  A good pack meeting is well planned and well organized.  Packs meet several times during the year – there is no required number.  Some packs meet monthly, others less often.  As you determine how many meetings to schedule and when, please keep their purpose in mind.  Events such as the Pinewood Derby or Blue and Gold Banquet can be considered pack meetings, especially if brief announcements and some achievements or rank advancements are included. 

Cub Scout Leader Book

The Cub Scout Leader Book gives the details on how a Pack is organized.  This is the best resources for Cubmasters and Pack Committee Chairs.

Parts of a Pack Meeting

Pack meetings have seven distinct parts.  These help keep the meeting organized and structured. 


There are two major parts to preparation: the room arrangement and preparation of materials & equipment & anyone presenting a special program.  Confirming details of the room set up along with awards and recognition that will be presented.


As the Cub Scouts begin to arrive, they join in an informal activity or game, often conducted by the den chief to keep everyone interested and active until the entire group has arrived.  The gathering activity must be done prior to the formal start of the meeting as it encourages everyone to arrive on time so the meeting can start on time. A gathering activity is optional.


The Opening is the official start of the pack meeting. It consists of a formal ceremony, usually including a flag ceremony and a group recitation of the Scout Oath and Law.  


This part of the Pack meeting is reserved for Dens who have requirements for adventures to share or demonstrate something they have learned.  This can also be used as a time a song or skit.


Awards and recognitions presented in pack meetings are important. Each one represents a great amount of time and effort on the part of the Cub Scout, family, and leaders and should be presented in a special ceremony. The presentation should be worthy of the award and the work that went into it.  Recognition of adults is also appropriate during this time.


The Closing draws the meeting to an end. It’s usually serious and quiet. The Cubmaster  could present a thought for the day or give reminders about coming events.

After The Meeting

The leaders review the events of the meeting, finalize plans for the next pack meeting, and review their progress toward the upcoming pack meeting.

Pack Meeting Plans

Every year Packs have a time of year when they welcome new families into the Pack.  

When a starting a new pack there are things that can be done to create a solid foundation for future pack meetings and to provide a quality program. 

Pack meetings can take on themes the focus on the values of the Scout Oath and Law.  

Resources, Forms, and Applications

A full list of resources available on-line and available at your local Scout Shop or at is available.  

The Guide to Safe Scouting is your guide to ensure the activities you conduct are part of the Cub Scout program.  Leaders should bookmark the site and use it as a reference.

Here you will find a listing of all official forms, certificates, and documents for Cub Scouting.  Check back often for updates and revisions.


“Scouting taught me to seek out the best version of myself, to work hard for the things I want to accomplish, because anything worth doing is worth working hard for.”

– Jacob O.