Pack Committee Resources


The pack committee supports the den leaders and Cubmaster of the pack so they can focus on working directly with the youth in the pack.  A pack committee is an opportunity to involve all parents and adults in the family.

Cub Scout Leader Book

The Cub Scout Leader Book gives the details on how a Pack is organized.  This is the best resources for Cubmasters and Pack Committee Chairs.

Pack Committee Organizational Chart

Above is an example of a pack committee.  The size and positions your pack has will vary as you have more adults involved the more positions you may have.  

Conducting Pack A Committee Meeting

There are several ways to conduct a successful pack committee meeting.  Some committees meet in informal settings, while others have a formal agenda.    

The most common method of conducting a meeting is the use of Robert’s Rules of Order.  Although it may not be necessary to  implement all the formal details, the basic meeting agenda can provide a format that is familiar. 


Starting a meeting on time encourages people to come on time.  During this time you may choose to have a formal opening that includes the pledge of allegiance  and/or the Scout Oath and Law.


The Pack Committee Chair gives a general report of how the pack is doing along with any key topics that may not be covered in other committee reports.  This is also a good time to recognize adults. 


The pack committee treasurer gives a monthly status of pack finances.  Other reports may include advancement, training, chartered organization representative, Cubmaster, Den Leaders, and special committees such as Pinewood Derby or Blue and Gold Banquet.


This is when items that relate to the whole pack that have been previously presented are either discussed further, decided upon, or postponed until the next committee meeting.


During this time new items that have not been formally brought to the committee are discussed.  It is common that new business items are shared with the chairman prior to the meeting so everyone attending is aware of a new agenda item.  


Bring the meeting to a formal ending means that no more decisions will be made and people are free to leave.

Parts of a Pack Committee Meeting

Pack committee meetings have seven distinct parts.  These help keep the meeting organized and structured.  Each den meeting plan in the Den Leader Guides follow these simple seven parts.

Evaluating the Previous Month

The Pack Committee Chair calls the meeting to order and the Cubmaster and den leaders discuss the past Pack meeting and Den Meetings to identify areas for improvement and to share successes. 

Finalizing the Current Month

The Cubmaster, Den Leaders, and those who are organizing special events such as Pinewood Derby or Blue and Gold give reports.  Den leaders give updates on progress towards their badges of rank.  The Pack Treasurer gives a monthly report.

Planning Ahead

Plans for the next Pack meeting and other special events are developed and assignments made.  The Pack Committee Chair leads a discussion about any other pending topics.

Unit Leadership Enhancement

This is an opportunity to use a resource found in the back of the Cub Leader Book to educate members of the committee on different topics.  

Social Time / Fellowship

Allowing a time for families to get to know each other helps build relationships and to identify hidden talents.  This should be presented as an optional activity as not everyone will be able to participate. 

Resources, Forms, and Applications

A full list of resources available on-line and available at your local Scout Shop or at is available.  

The Guide to Safe Scouting is your guide to ensure the activities you conduct are part of the Cub Scout program.  Leaders should bookmark the site and use it as a reference.

Here you will find a listing of all official forms, certificates, and documents for Cub Scouting.  Check back often for updates and revisions.


“Scouting taught me to seek out the best version of myself, to work hard for the things I want to accomplish, because anything worth doing is worth working hard for.”

– Jacob O.