Bobcat Resources

Bobcat Overview Video

The Bobcat Badge is the first badge a Cub Scout earns when they join, with the exception of Lions (Kindergarten).  The Bobcat Badge can be completed in one meeting and is designed to introduce Cub Scouts to the values of Scouting and for them to complete the exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parents’ Guide with a parent or legal guardian. 


Resources by Badge of Rank

Lion Resources
Tiger Resources
1st Grade
Wolf Resources
2nd Grade
Bear Resources
3rd Grade
Webelos Resources
4th and 5th Grade

Digital Tools


Once you are a registered Den Leader, ScoutBook is your online resource to assist you with tracking and reporting awards for the youth in your den.  In addition, it provides the ability to set up calendars and reminders to parents for events and activities.

ScoutBook now features special Den Leader experience that will help you plan and prepare for den meetings.  Details on what to do before, during, and after meeting along with the resources you need to deliver the program right at your fingertips. 

ScoutBook is free for everyone registered in Scouting.  Once you are registered, you or another leader can set up who is in your den and off you go!

The first meeting plan in the Den Leader experience is the Bobcat meeting plan.

Scouting App

The Scouting App provides parents the ability to see how their child is progressing, get notifications about meetings, and inform Den Leaders when a Cub Scout has completed a requirement at home.

Make sure all your parents download the Scouting App for free onto their mobile device.

Health and Safety

Meeting Place Inspection Sheet – If not already done for your den meeting location, complete this inspection sheet.

Annual Health and Medical Record – Each Cub Scout and adult leader participating in an activity that is not at your regular den meeting location is to complete this medical record.  A copy of the record is to be with the leader of the activity or a designee.

Age Appropriate Guidelines – This chart indicates what activities your Cub Scouts are allowed to participate in.