Other Cub Scout Events

Scout Shows

Organized by a the local  Boy Scouts of America council or district, a Scout Show is an event where Cub Scout Packs, Scouts BSA Troops, Venturing Crews, and Sea Scout Ships from the area come together to demonstrate Scouting skills.  These may also be called Scout Expos or Scout-O-Rama.

Participating in Scout Shows gives Cub Scouts the chance to see a much larger world of Scouting beyond their den and pack.  It also helps to bring Scouting into the public to make other families aware of the benefits of Scouting.

Sporting Events

Local councils may partner with professional sports teams or college teams to provide special “Scout Night” opportunities. Tickets are usually discounted and may also include special activities such as meeting players, coaches, or event, having a chance to stay overnight.

These are great activities for the entire family and might event fulfill a requirement for an adventure in the the Cub Scout handbook.

The Guide to Safe Scouting gives all the details on how to conduct events and activities. Leaders should bookmark this site and refer to it often.

Age Appropriate Guidelines for Camping gives a quick glance at what type of camping activities that are approved based on the age of the Scout.

Hazardous Weather Training is required training for adult leaders and is recommended for all adults.

Events that are offered by the council either directly or through the district are conducted in accordance with National Camp Accreditation Standards. For Cub Scouts, these events are Council Organized Family Camp, Cub Scout Day Camp, and Cub Scout Resident Camp.