Yo-Yo Preview Adventure

Welcome to the fun and exciting Yo-Yo Preview Adventure sponsored by Duncan Toys.  This preview adventure gives Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts the opportunity to learn the concepts that make a yo-yo work and the basic physics of a pendulum. Duncan has provide great  instructional videos to help you present this adventure to your den. It will give Scouts the skills needed to get started with basic yo-yo tricks. The popularity of this adventure will determine if it will become a new adventure in the one or more of the Cub Scout Handbooks.

How to String a Yo-Yo

Pendulum Activity

Gravity Pull, Sleeper, and Breakaway

Recording this adventure in ScoutBook will be available by June 21st.

Adventure Loops for Wolf and Bear are available now.  Adventure Pins for Webelos will be available in July.

When your den has completed this record completion in ScoutBook and order Adventure Loops or Pins directly from Scoutshop.org.

Want more Yo-Yo Fun?

Duncan has a special challenge for Scouts.  Do you have what it takes to become a Yo-Yo Ninja?  Check out www.yo-yo.com/scouts.