Cub Scout Adventure Survey

Continuous Improvement of the Cub Scout Program

Cub Scout Adventures are at the heart of your child’s journey in Cub Scouting.  Each Cub Scout Adventure is designed to be grade specific and age appropriate.  The content of Cub Scout Adventures is based on feedback we get from families and leaders.  A leading source of data is the Cub Scout Adventure survey.  This survey is for Den Leader and parents that provides valuable feedback on how Cub Scout Adventures can improve. 

After you have completed an adventure click on the link below and provide feedback.  

Before you begin it is recommended that you have the requirements for the adventure in front of you and you are familiar with what requirements you did to complete the adventure. 

Ask your Cub Scout what they liked about the adventure and what requirements they enjoyed the most.  Have their handbook with you so you can refresh their memory of what they did. 

How Your Feedback Is Used

On a regular basis the National Cub Scouting Committee reviews feedback from surveys to track and monitor which adventures are performing well and which adventures are not.  Performance is based on data such as Scoutbook records and surveys.  

The Cub Scout Adventure Survey provides us information such as an overall Net Promoter Score of the adventure, what specific requirements were completed and a rating of each requirement, in addition to an opportunity to give feedback on how the adventure could be improved. 

Adventures that perform well will continue and improvements based on feedback will be made.  Adventures that do not perform well will be discontinued.