Incident Reporting


Guide to Safe ScoutingGuide to Safe Scouting
This resource defines an incident, tells why it’s important to report the incident, and includes writing tips for your descriptive report.

Incident descriptions and definitions, reporting instructionsIncident Descriptions and Definitions, Reporting Instructions
From a near miss to a catastrophic incident, this handout will help you define what happened and understand all reporting requirements.

Incident Information Report
This form is used to report all injuries, illnesses, and incidents during Scouting activities or on council-owned properties that require the intervention of a medical provider beyond basic Scout-rendered first aid.

Near Miss Incident Information Report
Use this form to report near misses in programs such as COPE and climbing activities. A near miss does not result in injury, illness, or damage by definition, but it had the potential to do so.

Youth Protection/Membership

Incident Information Form/Supplement

Allegations of abuse, violations of BSA policies or guidelines, or inappropriate behavior by a Scout, Scout leader, parent, or other person should be reported on this form. The information on this form is confidential, and the completed form should be forwarded to the council Scout executive as soon as practical.

Youth Protection Position Statement

This document includes the BSA’s youth protection policies and procedures, available online resources, and instructions for reporting youth protection/membership incidents.

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The following FAQ’s have been developed to assist you with the gathering and entering of incidents into the online Incident Reporting system.


What is the purpose of the Incident Entry system located on MyBSA?

Answer: Timely and complete incident reporting provides BSA with an opportunity for analysis of incidents that occur and promotes continuous improvement of our programs. The sooner a clear, concise, and complete incident report is made, the sooner an appropriate response to the incident can occur. You can now report accidents, near misses and youth protection incidents along with National Service Center employee accidents.


What tools are available to assist me with the incident reporting process?

Answer: Go to Reporting where you will find and educational video along with information regarding Incident Descriptions and definitions, Reporting Instructions, Incident Information Report and Near Miss Incident Information Report as well as a Youth Protection/Membership Incident Information Form/Supplement.


Should the Incident/Near Miss and Youth Protection forms still be used?

Answer: Yes. these forms were recently revised and serve as a tool for gathering and collecting the information to assist with incident entry.


How do I get access to the Incident Reporting System?

Answer: As with the legacy system the system administrator for the council will have to enable a Riskonnect user. Go to MyBSA>Administration>User Access>Access Within Pages>Resources. Then scroll down to Incident Reporting. This will allow you to provide access to no more than two users from your council.


Can I add more than two users for incident entry?

Answer: Based upon cost we have purchased enough licenses that allows for allocation between local councils and BSA locations such as Supply, Scouts shops and High Adventure Bases. You should not activate a license(s) unless you are committed to the incident entry process. We will continue to evaluate the number of available licenses.


Which web browser is recommended for Incident Reporting?

Answer: It is recommended that Chrome be used as this will provide you with the best functionality. Internet Explorer can be used but you may or may not experience some technical issues depending on which version of IE you are using.


How do I find Council/BSA location?

Answer: Do not simply select Boy Scouts of America just because it is the first option available. 

Answer: For Council/BSA Location, which is a required field, click the magnifying glass. In your new window, click the carrots to the right of the boxes to find a searchable hierarchy. You can search for your Council or BSA location by filling in part or all of the name, city, state, or postal code followed by clicking the magnifying glass to your right. Once you find the correct entry, double click to add to the form.


When will volunteers be able to enter incidents into the public portal?

Answer: The Public facing portal is currently being tested. Its release is anticipated the 2nd quarter of 2018.