Cost of Cub Scouting


When compared to the cost of sports and many other activities, there is no doubt that Scouting delivers great value to its members!  Costs include BSA membership fees, uniform costs, and nominal activity fees that may be charged locally. Of course, these costs may be offset by unit fundraising and other available scholarship funds. Please contact your local unit leadership for details.


Registration fee is $97.  This includes a one time joining fee of $25 and an annual fee of $72.   For only $1 a month, $12 for the year,  Cub Scouts may subscribe to Scout Life magazine. There may be additional local program fees and/or dues.


The uniform is a method of delivering the Scouting program.  It shows that you are a member of a team.  Each grade has a specific uniform for their program.


Each grade level has a specific handbook they use.  Handbooks are about $17 and are used for the year.  Handbooks have all the required and elective adventures for each rank.  Handbooks also serve as a Scout’s record of completing adventures.


To cover the costs of awards and recognition, crafts, and special events most local packs have dues.  Packs may offer opportunities to conduct fundraisers to offset these costs.  Dues are established by the families in the pack through the pack committee.


Additional activities such as overnight camp outs, field trips, day camps and resident camps have additional costs associated with them.  These costs differ based on several factors.  Detailed information can be provided by the local pack leadership.