Summer of Service

By Darin Kinn, BSA Marketing Experience

Thousands of Scouts from across the country have heeded the call to serve others during this year’s Summer of Service!  From cleaning up local parks to assisting neighbors in need, Scouting families in every state have fulfilled the obligation to “help other people at all times”.  

Tens of thousands of Scouts have reported hundreds of thousands of service hours!  Participants have reported an average of 5.2 hours per person, per project.  That is an amazing impact in our communities across the country!  …And there’s still time to participate! 

Head to for details on how to get involved!  Order special patches and print certificates while you’re there!  Although we don’t serve for the recognition, it sure is a great way to celebrate the impact.  Don’t forget, join the over 10,000 people who have posted about their project using the hashtag #SummerOfService on Facebook & Instagram. 

Even when summer winds down, “service” is what we do as Scouts.  Continue finding ways at camp to serve others.  Build service into your routine.  Like packing a tent, and for those of us more “seasoned” Scouters… a good coffee mug, make it part of your routine to think of ways to help other people along the trail.  Not just on camp property, but out in the surrounding communities.  “Helpful” and “kind” are not just words…they are a part of our Scouting DNA.  There are always ways to serve others, no matter how big or small. 

Find those ways on your next adventure!     

Check out the photos below from Sea Scout Ship 106 from the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council, based in Lakeland Florida. These Scouts incorporated service into their end of summer boating activity where they did trash clean up on Egmont Key in the bird sanctuary there. 78 Lbs. of trash was collected and removed by the Ship. Great job Scouts!