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Download the print-friendly version here. This is the full PDF version that contains updates as of August 2019.  Please refer to the online version for the most updated information.

2019 Updates


  • Updated language throughout to reference “Scouts BSA” rather than “Boy Scouts.”
  • Youth Protection and Adult Leadership Clarified language in the Adult Supervision and Accommodations sections.
  • Camping Updated information about Webelos overnight camping. Corrected publication number for Pack Overnight Campout Site Appraisal Form and provided URL to access form.
  • Sports and Activities Clarified Sea Scout participation in Climbing and Rappelling section.
  • Animal and Insect Hazards Replaced entire chapter.
  • Incident Reporting Provided URL for incident reporting.
  • Appendix Replaced Event Safety Checklist.


  • Activity Planning and Risk Assessment Added Prohibited Activities section to replace Unauthorized and Restricted Activities section.

Table of Contents

The BSA’s Commitment to Safety

BSA Scouter Code of Conduct


Youth Protection and Adult Leadership

Aquatics Safety


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use and Abuse

Medical Information and First Aid

Chemical Fuels and Equipment

Activity Planning and Risk Assessment

Sports and Activities



Winter Activities

Animal and Insect Hazards

Incident Reporting