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The Scouts BSA tools and resource section is your one-stop resource to help you serve more Scouts in your area. From recruiting ideas to social media best practices, this section provides resources you need to build, activate, and improve your troop marketing and recruiting strategy. Additional resources are available in the BSA Brand Center.

Marketing Assets


Since 1910, The Boy Scouts Of America has been enriching the lives of young men and families nationwide. Times are changing, so we’re focusing on providing the latest marketing and recruiting techniques for the Scouting community. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to have high-quality content and a stockpile of options to choose from and recruit more youth into our programs.

Below, you’ll find a compilation of BSA’s best resources including high-quality photos, videos, playbooks, logos, and more.


From newsletters to your troop’s official social media profile picture, we’ve got every official Scout Me In and official Scouts BSA logo in the format you need. VIEW LOGOS IN THE BSA BRAND CENTER.


Whether you’re meeting with a potential Charter Partner or looking to expand your programs and serve more youth, use this as a resource to talk about all of the amazing benefits of Scouting. VIEW BROCHURES IN THE BSA BRAND CENTER.


From summer camp to food drives, and everything in between – Scouts do a lot! We’ve created you the ultimate collection of unlimited use – high-quality photos to help you show just how great Scouting is. VIEW PHOTOS IN THE BSA BRAND CENTER.


Step-by-step playbooks, so you can focus on what you do best - leading the Scouting community.

With everything from social media best practices, how to buy digital ads, and overall keep a robust digital presence; These playbooks are designed to equip you with the knowledge, material, and tactics to make informed decisions and create a digital strategy for your troop. VIEW ALL COUNCIL RESOURCES

Geocaching Playbook

Host a community event for parents and youth ages 11-17 to have the opportunity to learn how to Geocache, led by scouts who are members of the Scout BSA program, with the details taken care of by the troop, council or district. Through this simple interaction, parents will see the experience, friendships, and once in-a-lifetime opportunities that Scouting can offer their children, especially in the outdoors.

Adult Recruitment Playbook

The purpose of these materials is to support the district in preparing to establish new Scouts BSA troops. Districts should consider the best way to implement these strategies to focus on adult recruitment.

Chess Playbook

The Sport of Chess playbook is designed to support you in your Scouts BSA recruiting efforts by introducing to potential members one of the most popularly earned non-Eagle required merit badges of the Scouts BSA program – Chess.

Bull's Eye Playbook

Shooting sports have the ability to attract and retain youth in the movement. Millions of young people participate in one or more of the sports annually— archery, rifle shooting, shotgun activities, etc.—guided by adult volunteers who have the skills and knowledge to provide quality programs in a safe and effective way.


Over 1 billion hours of video are watched on the internet each day.

We use it to display the spirit of Scouting through compelling stories. Discover inspiration features such as Saborn Va who started a troop in Utah for fellow refugee children, or an action-packed anthem video from the BSA. Sharing any one of these videos can be a great way to showcase the Scouts BSA lifestyle.

Below, you’ll find downloadable videos that are easy to share and use in your marketing efforts.

Scouts BSA Manifesto

A Scout Is…Check out this action-packed video that captures the timeless tradition of Scouting. VIEW IN THE BSA BRAND CENTER.

Social Media Videos

Video can drive a substantial amount of engagement for your social media platforms. Download a number of our fun, shareable videos and try them out in on your posts or ad campaigns as a way to focus on the joy of Scouting. VIEW IN THE BSA BRAND CENTER.

More Videos

There’s so much more! Head over to the BSA Brand Center for all related Scouts BSA videos. VIEW MORE VIDEOS IN THE BSA BRAND CENTER.