Coming Soon! Short-Term Camp Administrator National Camping School Training

 A new position is coming to BSA camping in 2021Short-Term Camp Administrator. The short-term camp administrator is responsible to oversee the safety and planning of the short-term camp. In addition, this person will be responsible for the NCAP assessment process for the short-term camp.  

In October 2020 short-term camp administrator national camping school courses will be availableTwo options will be possible: 

  1. Councils can apply to administer the course locally. The host site application process will begin in September.  


  1. Online, administered nationally on select dates in Fall 2020 and throughout 2021.  
  • This online option can support both those who cannot make an in-person local course or support councils who cannot host the course locally.   

Information and registration for both options will be available at 

As a reminder, the short-term camp NCAP classification goes into effect on January 1, 2021, so the fall courses will allow councils to “Be Prepared” to offer short term camps at the beginning of 2021. Each short-term camp will be required to have a short-term camp administrator to operate; therefore, councils are encouraged to recruit these staff or volunteers and make plans now to have them trained in this role as soon as possible. 

The training will consist of several modules designed to prepare the participant to manage the short-term camp from planning and program development to staff recruitment to assessment. Training will last several hours with interactions and discussion designed to help meet the needs of the participants while conveying the strategies to serve in this role.  

For more information about the short-term camp process and implementation, join the Outdoor Programs team on an upcoming webinar by registering for one of the following webinar dates: 

“Understanding and Implementing the Short-Term Camp NCAP Classification” (Note: the same content will be delivered at each webinar, so you need only register for one).  

For more information about the Short-Term Camp Administrator training or if you are a council wishing to offer this training, visit the National Camping School website at and look for the short-term camp administrator link.  

For more information about short-term camp visit “Coming in 2021 – Short Term Camp.