2021 Cub Scout National Day Camp Theme Packet Now Available

Great Cub Scout day camp themes transform a camper’s experience. Not everyone will remember what they did Monday at camp. But if that Monday was Supersonic Scientist Day? Who could forget that? Fun themes stick in campers’ minds and help build a camp’s community spirit. Exciting themes can inspire stories that start with: “Hey, remember that time…” They can also help build stronger attendance from our Cub Scout families and maybe even help recruit new youth to join the Scouting program!

Each year volunteers from the national Cub Scout day camp committee compile a list of resources to support the national Cub Scout day camp theme. The 2021 national Cub Scout day camp theme is “Weird Science”. You can download the 2021 resources and all the previous years’ resources on the national Cub Scout day camp website. No matter your Cub Scout day camp theme in 2021, there are bound to be ideas to help you and your committee plan the best day camp ever! Click here to check it out! A special thank you to Toni Welch and her team for their work on this key initiative each year.