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Make Campers Feel Safe Through Environment Management

Changes to the Material Safety Data Sheet

A change in the format of OSHA’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will be in effect by 2016. Follow this link to see how it will affect you.

2014 Ranger Survey Results

The Ranger Survey has provided the Camp Maintenance Task Force with several things to think and act upon. We would like to thank everyone who participated. We are working on some things that we hope will make your time spent worthwhile. The first thing is ranger safety. We have some exciting ideas that we are developing regarding OSHA. We are also looking at refrigeration, administration training, and tools. We will update you as things develop.    

If you have maintenance or construction-related questions, or maybe a thought you’d like to share with others, please send it in for review by our panel and possible posting on this website.

Thanks to our friends in the Michigan Crossroads Council, we’re featuring a best practice for assigning facility ID numbers in your CPMS database.  Thank you, Nick Carr and Larry Hayden. We welcome all suggestions, questions, and fixes. We’ve recently downloaded the in-basket for CPMS-related inquiries. Look for updates soon.

CPMS Facility ID Setup

Answered Questions

Q. I’m having trouble getting the Council Properties Management System (CPMS) to run. Where can I get help?

A. CPMS is now supported by the National Help Desk. Call 972-580-2489.

Open Questions

Here is a note from one of our council volunteers. If you are in the Northeast Region and are using CPMS, please respond to [email protected].

RE: Learning Council Properties Management System (CPMS)

I completed my inventory of all the camp’s facilities, roads, and culverts. I liked the facility ID scheme that the Michigan Crossroads Council used, so I adopted it and loaded a few of our facilities into the CPMS. I found that by moving the facility serial number to immediately after the camp code, I could sort and find facilities much easier. Even generated a few work cards and ran a work report. Overall, I found it to be a powerful management tool. Alas, no one here to implement it so that’s as far as it will go. Instead, I rolled my inventory into a Camp Facilities Evaluation Tool (CFET) format and am using that to focus the alumni’s resources for the upcoming construction season.

Any idea if any any councils in the Northeast Region use the CPMS?

Q. One of the projects we are working on at Pioneer Scout Reservation involves monitoring energy usage at the dining hall and the new ecology complex. We currently have a small system monitoring the freezers, using old industrial software. Is anyone else doing similar things? The plan includes local interactive displays and Web-based access to the data.

Q. Does anyone have a written camp open/close winterizing checklist?

Send an email with your answers to [email protected].