Training and Resources

Stewardship (30 minutes)

Stewardship is the foundation of what we do on behalf of others. Join us as we explore this core concept.

Partnerships (15 minutes)

Partnerships are force multipliers. We will provide guidance on effective partners.

Camp Conservation (10 minutes)

Learn to be stewards of our largest assets. We will provide you with an overview of resources.

Design (1 hour)

Learn how designers “create space,” and how they rely on and promote natural features. Find out what is good design and what is bad design and why. Learn time-tested ways of developing ideas and concepts.

Construction (2 hours)

There are many construction delivery methods, but which one is right for you? Find out how to maximize asset life and minimize cost for utilities, program areas, dining, administrative needs, and housing.

Camp and Office Brand Management (20 minutes)

Discover the importance of brand management and how it applies to BSA facilities. You’ll learn about signs, messaging, design, construction, and resources.

What’s New in Outdoor Programs (45 minutes)

Find out what is new and what is outdated in camp programs. Topics include COPE and climbing, Cub Scout activities, shooting sports, biking, fishing, aquatics, and Sea Scouts.

Design of the Council Service Center (1 hour)

This mini course is intended to explain the need, then develop a design process for a council service center that is thorough and inclusive. Developing the design process early in the project adds needed structure to this mission-critical project. The target audience is both volunteer and professional.

Conservation and Sustainability (3 hours)

Conservation, sustainability, and ecology are part of our DNA as Scouts. Learn how these topics interact and overlap. See how the BSA intends to go from “green to deep green.” Practical advice on topics of impact include: sustainability, Leave No Trace, conservation principles, conservation plans, conservation tools, lead management, wastewater management, drinking water management, and erosion control.

Successful Strategies for BSA Professionals (Project Management Essentials) (4 hours)

Many of our director-level professionals and smaller council Scout executives are faced with managing resources to accomplish short-term goals. Leading camp development projects, creating a strategic plan, or running a capital campaign are all examples of projects. Whether dealing with manpower or money, the leader must be well-organized and thoughtful in order to use resources wisely. In this course, we will explore: leadership (integration), project charters, the triple constraint, communication management, and risk management. A workbook is included.

Contact the Outdoor Programs/Properties Department for more information about these courses.