Camp Development and Maintenance Resources

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This section includes articles and discussions on issues of interest. The BSA provides this for your consideration, but does not warrant, nor endorse any products, techniques, or vendors referenced herein. Consider this as you would a camp maintenance magazine.

Design Guidelines

This library of guidelines is intended for use by Scouting rangers, volunteers, and professionals who are involved with camp property. More

White Paper for Considerations of the Pool Environment (February 2016)

Note: The full Pool Design Guideline will be posted later this year.

Camp Showers and Latrine drawing (November 2014)

Camp Entry Signage 

The Dark Sky Camping Guide (March 2013)

Wastewater regulations by state (March 2013) 

Lessons Learned (December 2014)

ADA Compliance at Camp Pools (December 2012) 

Gravel Road Maintenance Manual (November 2012)

Standard Drip Irrigation Onsite System (August 2013)

Themes From a Camp Maintenance Network: Camp Maintenance and Property Personnel Share Their Insights and Challenges (August 2013)

OSHA Trainer Presentations

Rangers: If you are looking for OSHA safety information, follow this link for nine mini presentations that you can complete in just a few minutes. Will they make you an expert? No. Will they raise your awareness? Yes. Stay tuned to our website for more on Rangers and Ranger safety.