Your National Service Team


Your National Commissioner Service Team exists to help you fulfill our mission and vision as commissioners. If you’ve ever wondered who they are and what they do, stop by for a visit here from time to time and catch up.

Your Service Team

Unit Service Plan Patch Available: The Unit Service Plan patch has been around for some time. If you’ve attended Commissioner Week at PTC recently, you may already have one. In response to requests from commissioners, it’s now available for purchase at

Commissioner Newsletter: To better communicate with all commissioners, your National Commissioner Service Team announced at the BSA National Annual Business Meeting that it would add an additional summer issue to the current publication of fall, winter, and spring issues.

Service Team Meets at BSA National Annual Meeting:  Your National Commissioner Service Team held an open meeting the day before the official opening of the BSA National Annual Meeting. This has been an open meeting – commissioners attending NAM are welcome to attend. The team reviewed achievements during the past year and solicited feedback from guests on needs to be addressed in the future. Interested in the report provided? Download the presentation.

Service Team Strategic Review at BSA National Annual Meeting:  Over 250 commissioners attended a strategic review provided by your National Commissioner Service Team at the BSA National Annual Meeting. An overview of potential goals in five key areas (Development, Exploring, Marketing & Communications, Recruitment & Retention, and Starting & Sustaining Units) was provided. Participants provided feedback and engaged in discussion of those and other topics of interested. Want more details about the overview? Download the presentation.

If you have questions, contact Marketing and Communications Chair, Mike Moegenburg.