Your National Service Team


Your National Commissioner Service Team exists to help you fulfill our mission and vision as commissioners. If you’ve ever wondered who they are and what they do, stop by for a visit here from time to time and catch up.

National Commissioner Service Team

Larry Chase National Commissioner Service Chair Contact Larry Atlanta, GA
Linda Baker Council Support Chair National Service Territories 9 – 16 Contact Linda Albany, NY
Chris Beaver Roundtable Chair Contact Chris Madison, WI
Karen Bengtson Commissioner Recruiting & Retention Chair Contact Karen Nashville, TN
Sean Byrne Resources Chair Contact Sean Bethesda, MD
John Cherry Commissioner Development Chair Contact John Atlanta, GA
Steven Lee Program Support Chair Contact Steven San Diego, CA
Jim Libbin Council Support Chair National Service Territories 1 – 8 Contact Jim Las Cruces, NM
Craig Martin Exploring Chair Contact Craig Colorado Springs, CO
Mike Moegenburg Marketing & Communications Chair Contact Mike Sheboygan, WI
Kevin Phillips Serving & Supporting Units Chair Contact Kevin Murfreesboro, TN
Mike Weber Technology Chair Contact Mike Grand Blanc, MI

Could you help increase the impact of Unit Service?

Your National Commissioner Service Team is always looking for volunteers who can strengthen the team and Unit Service. If you have expertise and interest in one of the areas on which the team focuses (Development, Exploring, Marketing & Communications, Program Support, Recruiting & Retention, Resources, Roundtable, Starting, Sustaining & Growing Units, or Technology) there might be an opportunity. If interested, download the Commissioner Service Team Interest Survey, complete it, and send it to


Be sure to include your email address in the body of the message if you would like a response.