Commissioner Technology Group

The Commissioner Technology Group helps provide commissioners and unit volunteers with access to BSA and associated applications that enable them to work effectively and efficiently. Working with BSA technology professionals and volunteers, they

  • Ensure that Commissioner Tools supports Unit Service
  • Represent and advocate for commissioners on technology issues
  • Develop an understanding of the functionality of and relationships between BSA applications such as: Commissioner Tools, Training Manager, Member Manager, and Scoutbook to support the development of application training for commissioners
  • Provide commissioners with information they can use and share with unit leaders about commercially available technologies that support virtual meetings and Scouting


Ron Blaisdell Advanced Data Analysis Tools, Sea Scouting Livonia, MI
Tod Cox Commissioner Tools Las Vegas, NV
Mike Creagh Member Application Manager Irving, TX
Jae Engelbrecht Online Registration, Internet Rechartering Fairfax Station, VA
Ron Fedele Scoutbook Clearlake Oaks, CA
Dave Fornadel Commissioner Tools training & testing, my.scouting apps in the district committee online training Plano, TX
Ernie Froemel Advanced Data Analysis Tools La Grange, IL
Ron Hathaway Member and Training Managers Uncasville, CT
Adam John Scoutbook, Application Development, Systems Integration & Data Security Ossining, NY
Marty Kasman Commissioner Tools Valencia, CA
Rick Manteuffel Commissioner Tools and Analytics Laytonsville, MD
Jason Pettis Online Communications, Internet Rechartering Arvada, CO
Alma Redmon Commissioner Tools, My Scouting Mobile App Irving, TX
Tom Ritchey Scoutbook, Internet Rechartering Dallas, TX
Darin Sorrels my.scouting apps, User experience Covina, CA
Justin Sprague my.scouting apps, User experience Raleigh, NC
Steve Swaine Commissioner Tools, Sea Scouting Dallas, TX