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News for Commissioners_04.08.2021

Boy Scouts of America
Transition from Regions and Areas to National Service Territories

To: Council Key 3, Area Key 3, Region Key & NST Key 3
From: Larry Chase, Chair, National Commissioner Service Team
David Rumbarger, Chair, Regional Operations
Patrick Sterrett, Chief Operating Officer, BSA


Thank you for your interest in our movement and positive youth development. These are important times for the Boy Scouts of America. We are in the process of implementing a new service model that allows for greater council input and volunteer engagement. These changes are part of the BSA’s Churchill Plan and will consist of 16 National Service Territories. The purpose of the National Service Territories is to directly link local councils to the national council.

We value Scouting experience as a metric for these positions, we are also especially interested in welcoming volunteers within the movement and in the larger community that can bring rich life and career experiences to our teams. We aspire to recruit the best possible team for each National Service Territory and want all volunteers and parents across our movement to consider whether a National Service Territory role is an opportunity for your skills to meet one of our greatest needs: ensuring all councils are successful.

Each National Service Territory is responsible for filling nine key leadership positions and attached are the related materials for this important process. We are sending this final reminder to ask for your input in helping to identify the best candidates to serve as our “Functional Leads” in each territory. The nine positions we seek to fill include:

National Service Territory Role Title Related Experience
Safe Scouting Lead

Risk Management, Occupational Safety and Health

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead (New) Consensus and Team Building, Mediation, Workforce Resources Groups
Council Relations Lead Coaching, Consulting, Facilitating
Leadership and Governance Lead Board Experience, Strategic Planning, Visioning
Membership Lead Sales, Coach, Communications, Marketing
Program Lead Program or Portfolio Management, Performance Coaching, Operations Management
Marketing Lead Marketing, Brand Management, Social Media, Market Segmentation
Finance & Development Lead Development, Fundraising, Relationship-Based Sales
Council Performance Champion Project Management, Problem Solving


Job descriptions and nomination forms are below to make your recommendations. Please note that recommendations (including self-recommendations) are due by no later than April 12th. Your recommendations should be sent to your NST Director via email.

Please feel free to forward this to individuals you think would be qualified candidates. Previous Scouting experience is not required.

Together, WE are the Scouting movement. Each one of us, with all of our rich and varied backgrounds and life experiences. All our passionate voices are needed to create the Scouting movement that will develop the youth leaders of tomorrow from communities across our nation. Thank you for thinking about how you are called to serve, and for the leadership you will provide as we position Scouting to achieve a vibrant future.

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News for Commissioners_04.07.2021

The Boy Scouts of America has released its Report to the Nation. Share and download the report here.


News for Commissioners_04.04.2021

Service is an integral part of scouting. Will you be sharing information on the BSA’s Summer of Service with your units?


News for Commissioners_04.02.2021

Please join us for the Membership and Marketing Webinar – Tech Edition on April 7, 2021 at 7PM. Register online here.

Recruiting during the pandemic has presented problems along the way. Do you want to learn how technology can help you recruit more scouts regardless of how the pandemic is impacting your unit?

We’ll be discussing how to use multiple features of tech tools like Facebook, Google,, and Online Registration to connect with more families and help get youth into Scouting. Register now, and share details about this webinar with your communities.


News for Commissioners_04.01.2021

Unit commissioners play a key role in unit health. They have the relationship with the unit’s leaders and mentor them as they work to improve their unit. Learn more about how to be a strong unit commissioner at Philmont Training Center, June 6 – 12. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.25.2021

Growing Membership Technology Edition

Please join us for the next Webinar on Growing Membership which will be held on April 7 at 7PM Central Time. We will look into the tech you should be familiar with in order to have a successful recruiting season. The topics include How to update your pin, materials available in the BSA Brand Center, technology and Scoutbook.

These topics will help you understand how to use technology and marketing materials in order to have a better membership drive, which means more scouts having fun and learning.

Register Now: Meeting Registration – Zoom


News for Commissioners_03.24.2021

Empowering the District Commissioner Team Conference, June 6 – June 12 at Philmont Training Center

District Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners lead the teams that interact with our units. Learn how to implement the council vision of unit service, understand the importance of relationships, roles and responsibilities this summer at Philmont Training Center, June 6 – 12, 2021. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.22.2021

Here is a summary of when USER Access expires for various situations:

Application / Program / System USER Access expires
Unit Internet Rechartering window

Just extended to 4 months after current charter expires.

The action taken was announced as an extension and not indicated as permanent change.  However, there is no plan to roll back the extension through at least the remainder of the current renewal cycle, that ends with units that expire on August 31, 2021.
Individual access to the my.Scouting suite and functional role based access to applications 4 months after the registration expires. Permanent.
Scoutbook / Internet Advancement 4 months after the registration expires. Permanent.
The ability to take YPT Never


News for Commissioners_03.21.2021

Council Commissioners and Assistant Council Commissioners will learn how to create a vision of unit service in their council, understand the importance of relationships, roles and responsibilities this summer at Philmont Training Center, June 6 – 12, 2021. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.20.2021

Please share this with your units:

This was just confirmed and was sent to Scout Executives Wednesday afternoon: The Internet Rechartering Access Window has been extended so that units that expired on December 31, but did not previously submit their renewals, may now continue with the online process.

Access closed, as usual, at the end of February, two months after expiration. This update will allow those units that were working online to continue, along with those units that did not begin Internet Rechartering.

Councils should notify units with expirations in November, December, and January, in particular, to continue with renewal if not previously completed.

Councils may need to provide Access Codes if unit leadership has recently reorganized. Please advise units to proceed promptly as this extension is time limited for additional two months.


News for Commissioners_03.18.2021

Whether it is Spring Recruitment, Fall Recruitment or starting a new unit, commissioners are involved. Whatever your commissioner role, you will learn how to help units grow at the Starting, Sustaining, and Growing Units Conference at Philmont Training Center June 6 – 12. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.16.2021

Serving all units, working with Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships and Explorer Posts

According to a review of membership data, older youth program participation increases tenure by 50%. Learn how to serve older youth programs at Philmont Training Center, Serving all units, working with Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships and Explorer Posts. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.15.2021

Updated Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse 3-11-2021

Please review the updated Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQ.


News for Commissioners_03.14.2021

Recruiting and Engaging Commissioners Conference

Conversations on Facebook this year indicate that we have not been successful recruiting commissioners. We also learned that we don’t have enough commissioners to cover all of our units. Learn how to recruit commissioners at the Recruiting and Engaging Commissioners Conference which will be held on June 6 – June 12, 2021 at Philmont Training Center. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.13.2021

Roundtable is Unit Service. Please join us for the Leverage Roundtables in Unit Service Conference at Philmont Training Center on June 6 – June 12. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site. Through well-planned and fully supported roundtables, commissioners of all roles and responsibilities provide effective service to the units in their care. This conference is appropriate for anyone providing unit service in the district or council, including but certainly not limited to, the roundtable commissioner. We look forward to seeing you there.


News for Commissioners_03.11.2021

Advancement Reports Can Now Be Accessed by Commissioners

Unit health has many components. Youth advancement is one component of unit health. Three new reports will be released later this week: Summary Advancement Reports by program area for Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA and Venturing. Commissioners will be able to access reports similar to the District Advancement Report without going to a professional. You can access these reports in My.Scouting by going to ROSTER; then selecting the Reports tab where the new reports can be found after the Chartered Organizations Report. (See Screenshot.) Don’t forget to include a date range before running the reports.


News for Commissioners_03.10.2021

Commissioners want to help units get the information they need quickly and easily. This “cheat sheet” was developed to help you find commonly requested information. Please share this “cheat sheet” with the other commissioners on your team as well as your units. Let’s help everyone by making it easier to find information.

Where to Find Information

Some people use search engines to find information. Please remember that when you do a search, you can add a website, such as to your search request to limit results to that website.


News for Commissioners_03.09.2021

Commissioner Week Registration at Philmont Training Center is open. You can learn more in the attached brochure or go straight to the registration link.


News for Commissioners_03.07.2021

Please share the Spring into Scouting Spring Recruiting Webinar with your units. You can access the power point and webinar recording here:


News for Commissioners_02.25.2021

BSA Online Applications Access Extended

To help ensure units have full access to BSA online systems while charters are processed, we have extended the grace period for units to continue accessing online systems for an additional 60 days (4 months total) permanently. This includes Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, my.Scouting tools, and Den Leader Experience. This extension will be available for all recharter dates. This additional 60 days does not extend your charter expire date; instead, it provides you and your Scouts continued access to tools and resources.


News for Commissioners_02.24.2021

Effective March 15, 2021, Scoutbook’s leader invite process will perform a check for a BSA issued MemberID and active BSA registration when being invited to connect with the unit roster.

Prior to April 12, unit leaders should check their rosters in Roster at to ensure all adult leaders listed in Scoutbook and IA are also registered on the official roster or otherwise with the BSA. Action should be taken with the local council to ensure all adult leaders are registered with the BSA. After that date, adults not registered in the BSA will be removed from adult leader unit rosters in Scoutbook.

On the unit roster in Scoutbook, unregistered adult leaders will appear having a yellow triangle with an “!” next to their name. Often this is caused by the wrong BSA member ID in their Scoutbook profile. This can be changed by the user with Manage Member ID at For assistance, contact your local council or ask on the forums: On April 12, 2021 they will be removed.

Note: unit leaders can find correct member IDs in Member Manager at or by contacting your local council.


News for Commissioners_02.16.2021

Extended Access (Grace Period) will be given for THREE months. For all units, districts, and councils, permanently. This should grant some relief in time for the December 31 recharters that have not yet posted.

Extended Access allows members to continue to have the same functional access in My.Scouting based on their registration for two (soon to be three) months after their registration expires.


News for Commissioners_01.25.2021

Bachelor’s College of Commissioner Science Courses Updated

The Bachelors of Commissioner Science Curriculum has been updated. Check out the new materials at

Previous courses have been archived for a limited time.


News for Commissioners_01.08.2021

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Merit Badge

The introduction of the proposed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion merit badge is being delayed to allow for the careful consideration and evaluation of feedback.

Until further notice, all Scouts working on the Eagle Scout rank should continue to use current rank requirements. Once the Eagle-required Diversity, Equity and Inclusion merit badge is introduced, Scouts in the process of earning the rank of Eagle Scout will be given adequate time to earn it. Updates regarding the merit badge will be shared with councils directly and via Scoutingwire.

Proposed Eagle Scout Required Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Merit Badge Delayed | Boy Scouts of America (


News for Commissioners_01.06.2021

Revisions to the COVID – 19 FAQ

Revisions to the COVID – 19 FAQ were made on January 5, 2021.  The revisions are marked with a diamond in front of the question. You can access the document with this link:  COVID-19 FAQ | Boy Scouts of America (


News for Commissioners_12.09.2020

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 is the single greatest barrier to serving youth through Scouting that unit leaders face today. Our national service center staff has done good work developing information about how to cope with COVID. All Scouting is local and our professionals and volunteers in our councils have been equally creative in developing new program delivery methods that enable Scouting to continue. All of that information is available on the internet, but it is scattered across a variety of websites and pages.

Commissioners now have a single webpage that provides direct links to information on how to keep on Scouting while COVID-19 continues to limit normal activities. COVID-19 Resources page will continue to be updated as additional information becomes available.

A link to this new resource is prominently displayed at the top left of the commissioner website landing page. It is the latest step in our continuing efforts to make the site a commissioner’s single best source of information about serving units. If you have suggestions for other improvements, please let us know. Send your recommendations to


News for Commissioners_11.23.2020

Delivering a Virtual Commissioner College – Practical Considerations Virtual Impact Session

We’ve been in a virtual mode for quite some time. We have learned a lot about delivering learning through virtual means. We will share some of what we learned at the Delivering a Virtual Commissioner College – Practical Considerations Virtual Impact Session on January 23, 2021. Register here


News for Commissioners_11.20.2020

Take your unit service to the next level in the most beautiful setting, Philmont, June 6 – 20, 2021. We look forward to meeting you as we deliver eight commissioner conferences. Two of the conferences are Leveraging Roundtable in Unit Service, Serving all units – Working with Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships and Explorer Posts.

Registration is open now at 2021 Philmont Training Center


News for Commissioners_11.19.2020

Good morning scouters. We are pleased to announce a new group, supported by the National Commissioner Service Team, for Roundtables. When Roundtable is successful, scouts win. When Roundtable is completely integrated into unit service, unit leaders win. When commissioners come together in a new group to discuss how to make local roundtables better, everybody wins. If you are a commissioner who wants roundtables to improve in any way or wants to learn how to better incorporate roundtable into unit service, please join the Roundtable News and Discussion Facebook Group at:


News for Commissioners_10.21.2020

Youth Protection Training problems have been resolved

As reported by many over the last few weeks, the Learning Management System had several issues with properly crediting individuals who retook their YPT.  These have now been fixed.  If you have taken YPT recently and the completion date does not reflect the new date, go back into your My Training (Not Training Manager) and you will see a ‘widget’ which you can click on to update your records overnight.  Note: To have your YPT reflect a new date, you must complete ALL FOUR modules (including passing the Module 4 test).  This widget will only be available for about 30 days.


News for Commissioners_10.19.2020

The Unit Performance Guide has been revised and is now called the Unit Roadmap. The development of the Unit Roadmap is a good example of our “simple and unified” efforts – we worked collaboratively with membership volunteers and professionals to produce a reference tool that is more concise and makes it easier to access key information.

The purpose of the Unit Roadmap is to help simplify the tasks for having successful units. BSA professionals, charter organizations and volunteers work together to foster the unit through different phases a Scout unit might be experiencing. The Unit Roadmap should be laid out to address the 3 phases of long-term unit success: starting, sustaining and growing.

This guide is intended to be a centralized source that will be found in an online version for quick reference for both BSA professionals and volunteers to access. Many resources are already available to support units and can be referenced through links to these documents. The guide should serve as easy, overarching tips to start, sustain and grow units. …this is a good example of our “simple and unified” efforts – we worked collaboratively with membership volunteers and professionals to produce a reference tool that is more concise and makes it easier to access key information.

The Unit Roadmap can be found at the Commissioner website on the Commissioner Manuals and Resources page, and also on the Starting, Sustaining and Growing Units page.


News for Commissioners_10.16.2020

Six steps you can do right now to help families return to scouting.

Many scouters are missing the in-person experiences of scouting.  Be sure that you are doing all that you can do to help deliver the promise of scouting during COVID.  Here are six steps you can take.  I think that number two should be done with every unit.

The Steps You Can Take Right Now to Help You Return to Scouting Activities – Scouting Wire


News for Commissioners_09.17.2020

Scouting’s Journey to Excellence (JTE) is the BSA aspirational planning, performance and recognition program designed to encourage and reward success of our units, districts, and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence and continuous improvement in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.

 Many unit leaders have found JTE metrics to be an effective continuous improvement tool. As previously announced, changes were made to 2020 objectives to reflect the impact of COVID 19. For this reason, the unit JTE recognition program will continue, however, the district and council level JTE recognition will be discontinued for 2020 and 2021. JTE at the unit level will continue, and recognition patches will continue to be available for units and their members.

 Unit Recognition

Revised unit criteria, due to the pandemic, is available at The criteria intentionally provides units a great deal of latitude due to the significant variability of programming due to local pandemic regulations.

 2021 unit scorecards are available at Unit | Boy Scouts of America.

Journey to Excellence for districts and councils represents data which is important to help districts and councils deliver a quality program.   A new membership reporting tool is under development to aid districts and councils with key membership data including gender and ethnic diversity. You will soon hear more about this.

 Unfortunately, the council and district JTE dashboard (dials) and finish line report require substantial manual compilation and data management each month. With the significant reduction in staff at the BSA national service center, the staff support necessary to keep the dashboard current is simply not available.  Consequently, it is necessary to decommission the JTE dashboard and finish line report effective September 18. 

 We suggest that even if JTE recognition is not available, the JTE standards for districts and councils still represent a vision of good Scouting and can be used in strategic planning.

We will be considering what assessment and/or recognition system will be most helpful to councils and districts for 2022 and beyond.   It is very premature to speculate on what that might be. Questions can be directed to

Thank you for all you do for Scouting and for your support of the Journey to Excellence program.



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