Commissioner Manuals and Resources

The previous Commissioner manuals have been replaced with a series of PDF documents, outlined on this page.  Each manual module has several subtopics within the document.  There is no provision for printing the information in book form.  This format provides commissioners the opportunity to create their own hard copy book, or an ebook for tablet, phone or other digital  device. 

The three previous commissioner manuals are now obsolete: Commissioner Field Book for Unit Service, Administration of Commissioner Service and Council Commissioner Manual.

The Unit Roadmap replaces the Unit Performance Guide.

The modules will be updated as information changes.

Commissioner and Professional Roles

  • National Commissioner
  • Regional Commissioner
  • Area Commissioner
  • National Commissioner Support Staff
  • Resources
  • The Role of the Council Commissioner
  • By the Bylaws: The Council Commissioner
  • By the Bylaws: The Commissioner Staff
  • Quick Reference for Council Commissioners
  • Relationships
  • Key 3 Membership
  • Board Membership
  • It Starts with a Vision
  • Resources
  • The Role of the District Commissioner
  • By the Bylaws: The District Commissioner
  • By the Bylaws: The Commissioner Staff
  • Quick Reference for District Commissioners
  • Relationships
  • Key 3 Membership
  • Board Membership
  • It Starts with a Vision
  • Resources
  • The District Commissioner
  • Assistant District Commissioners
  • Unit Commissioners
  • Roundtable Commissioners
  • District Executive
  • Resources
  • Appendix A – Sample District Commissioner Meeting Agenda
  • The Role of an Organizational Design
  • Four Fundamental Concepts
  • Developing the Design
  • Resources
  • Introduction
  • Qualities of a Good Relationship
  • Tips for better Relationships
  • A Closing Note
  • Resources

Providing Unit Service

  • Purpose of Scouting
  • Charter Concept
  • The Chartered Organization’s Role
  • The Role of the Local Council
  • Traditional unit Organization
  • Districts
  • Unit Service
  • Concept of Unit Service
  • Adequate Number of Trained Commissioners
  • Unit Service Vision
  • Unit Service Mission
  • Unit Service Objectives
  • Unit Service Goals
  • Unit Service Methods
  • Roles the Commissioner Plays
  • Commissioner Contacts
  • Commissioner Tools
  • Unit Assessment and Unit Service Plan
  • District Committee
  • Charter renewal for Units / Review Journey to Excellence
  • Leader recognition
  • Commissioner Training
  • Orientation or Onboarding
  • Summary
  • Resources
  • The Role of the Unit Service Plan
  • Why Build a Unit Service Plan?
  • Developing a Detailed Collaborative Assessment
  • Journey to Excellence Tools
  • Unit Assessment Scoring Matrix
  • Building a Unit Service Plan
  • Linking Needs to Resources
  • Process Overview
  • In Summary
  • Resources
  • Guiding Principles
  • General Technology
  • BSA Technology
  • Other Technology
  • Appendix 1 – Cache Clearing Process of Several Popular Platforms
  • Appendix 2 – Role to Functionality Matrices

Providing an Adequate Number of Trained Commissioners

  • The Role of Recruiting
  • It Starts with a Vision
  • Identifying Needs
  • Identifying Candidates
  • Screening for Passion and Potential
  • The Essential Characteristic
  • Where to Look
  • Making the Ask
  • What Not to Do
  • Building and Working a Recruiting Plan
  • Resources
  • Developing a Commissioner Prospect List
  • The Process
  • Focus of Commissioner Training
  • Who is Responsible for Commissioner Training?
  • National Commissioner Support Staff
  • Regional Commissioners
  • Area Commissioners
  • Council Commissioners
  • District Commissioners
  • Why We Train Commissioners
  • How We Train Commissioners
  • Commissioner Specific Basic Training
  • Continuing Education
  • National Level Training
  • Training Administration
  • Review

Continuous Improvement

  • The Role of Recognition
  • Why Recognize Commissioners?
  • Commissioner Recognition
  • Recognition Supports Recruiting
  • Requirements and Progress Records
  • Certificates
  • Available Commissioner Awards and Recognitions
  • Resources
  • What is the Purpose?
  • Journey to Excellence Standard
  • Why JTE is worth their time?
  • The JTE scorecard
  • Introduce the scorecard to unit committee
  • Review progress on this year’s scorecard
  • Look at next year’s scorecard
  • Complete the scorecard and turn it in
  • Resources

Linking District Resources


  • The Role of Roundtable
  • Who Should Attend Roundtable?
  • Roundtable Leadership
  • Roundtable Commissioners
  • Roundtable Fun
  • Assistant Roundtable Commissioners and the Roundtable Team
  • Roundtable is Unit Service
  • Training the Roundtable Team
  • District Commissioner Support for the Roundtable Team
  • Recognition for the Roundtable Team
  • Recognition for Roundtable Participants
  • Planning Roundtables
  • Using the Roundtable Support Webpage
  • Roundtable Length and Formats
  • Roundtable Planning Resources
  • Other Commissioner Resources
  • Program Specific Roundtables
  • Technology and Roundtable Delivery
  • Roundtable Promotion and Attendance
  • After Roundtable: Time for Evaluation: Start, Stop, & Continue
  • Summary
  • Resources

Charter Renewal

  • Charters
  • Charter Renewal Process
  • Internet Charter Renewal
  • Failure to Recharter
  • What are the consequences of not completing charter renewal on time?
  • Charter Presentation Ceremony
  • Resources

Scouting Programs


Unit Roadmap

The purpose of the Unit Roadmap is to help simplify the tasks for having successful units. BSA professionals, charter organizations and volunteers work together to foster the unit through different phases a Scout unit might be experiencing. The Unit Roadmap should be laid out to address the 3 phases of long-term unit success: starting, sustaining and growing.
This guide is intended to be a centralized source that will be found in an online version for quick reference for both BSA professionals and volunteers to access. Many resources are already available to support units and can be referenced through links to these documents. The guide should serve as easy, overarching tips to start, sustain and grow units.

Selecting Cub Scout Leadership

Guiding a chartered organization in the process of selecting unit leaders is one of the commissioner’s most important tasks.

Selecting District People, No. 34512

Volunteers are the single greatest resource of the Boy Scouts of America. They provide leadership for boards, committees, units, and finance. This book is designed to help key district leaders determine the number of people needed to operate an effective district, and then to locate, select, and recruit them. 

Scout Life Magazine – Use promo code DIGPRT12 for a special $12/year rate.

Scouting Magazine – Free to all leaders, volunteers, parents and other adults interested on Scouting.

Where to Find Answers – A compiled listing of direct links to resources on Communication, Unit Service, Program, and more.


Commissioner Assessment Forms These blank detailed assessment forms taken from Commissioner Tools may be used as paper information-capture sheets if a commissioner does not want to work on the computer live while contacting a unit. Alternatively, they may be used by a commissioner who does not have access to a computer, and a “commissioner friend” will enter the information. They may also be used when collaborating with a unit to complete the assessment of a unit’s strengths and needs.

Unit Assessment Forms These blank assessment forms taken from Commissioner Tools may be given to a unit leader to complete prior to the Collaborative Assessment being completed by the unit Key 3 and the unit commissioner. Ideally, the unit should complete these within when they are sent to them by the commissioner; however, they may be used as a worksheet prior to entry in They may also be used when collaborating with a unit to complete the assessment of a unit’s strengths and needs.