Commissioner Development Group

The Commissioner Development Group is responsible for development and maintenance of national training  and onboarding materials and processes that enable commissioners to ensure that every member of the BSA has a great Scouting experience.

Curriculum Review Team
The Curriculum Review Team coordinates a team of subject matter experts that develop and maintain both web-based and instructor-led training for commissioners.

Anna Tuohy Team Leader Chicago, IL
Kresha Alvarado College of Commissioner Science Curriculum Dallas, TX
Dave Fornadel Commissioner Basic Training Curriculum Dallas, TX
Roberta Hudson Quality Assurance Peoria, IL

National Commissioner Faculty – 2020
The National Commissioner Faculty is selected annually to develop and deliver national commissioner conferences at Philmont Training Center and Florida Sea Base and regional impact sessions.

Florida Sea Base
Rick Hillenbrand Applying Technology in Unit Service Commissioner Technology Chair Romney, WV
Darlene Sprague Applying Technology in Unit Service Commissioner Resources Chair Niagara Falls, NY