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Summer 2020

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National Commissioner’s Minute


National Commissioner Scott Sorrels discusses “Our Moment in Time,” encouraging us all to take on BSA’s current-day challenges as our predecessors did during other tough times. Read more

Recruiting and Retention

National Commissioner Service Chair

National Recruiting and Retention Chair Jeff Bostwick emphasizes the importance of recruiting more unit commissioners and supporting the Key 3. Read more

National Commissioner Service Chair Larry Chase reports on the National Commissioner Service Team’s annual planning process and the issues it has identified. Read more


Commissioner Development

National Resources Chair Darlene Sprague provides the scoop on the best places for commissioners to get current information and resources. Read more

National Commissioner Development Chair John Cherry discusses the importance of building confidence and morale through training. Read more

Starting and Sustaining Units

Marketing and Communications

The newly revised Unit Performance Guide will be a great best-practice resource for Key 3s, says National Starting and Sustaining Chair Sue Simmons. Read more

Effective communication is a building block of successful Key 3 planning and organization, says National Marketing and Communications Chair Mike Moegenburg. Read more


Commissioner Technology

National Program Chair Steve Lee discusses Key 3 leadership and maintaining strong units during the pandemic. Read more

National Commissioner Technology Chair Rick Hillenbrand gives specifics on how to support the Key 3 with technology. Read more

Roundtable Support


New National Roundtable Support Chair Chris Beaver discusses exciting changes to how we can approach roundtables. Read more

National Exploring Chair Craig Martin explains how the Exploring program supports Scouting’s Key 3. Read more

JTE Key Performance Indicators

Regional Commissioners

Here’s a look at the latest Key Performance Indicators from July 2020. Read more



Northeast Regional Commissioner Linda Baker delves into the many ways commissioners promote Scouting health in the Key 3. Read more

Commissioner Events

Commissioner Social Media Sites

There are no new events at this time.



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