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Exciting Time for Commissioners

National Commissioner’s Minute

Family Scouting, the addition of a focus area, and changes to the charter renewal process bring excitement to commissioner service.
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National Commissioner Charles Dahlquist encourages commissioners to share something special by recruiting others to commissioner service.
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Recruitment and Retention

National Commissioner Service Chair

Unit-serving commissioners play an important role. National Commissioner Service Recruitment and Retention Chair Kevin Baker points out the need to make sure there are enough commissioners in order to fulfill the promise of Scouting. Read more

National Commissioner Service Chair Ellie Morrison issues a challenge to recruit commissioners and new member coordinators. Read more



National Commissioner Service Resources Chair Darlene Sprague points out how technology can be used to recruit commissioners. Read more

National Commissioner Service Training Chair Tim Acree outlines the process the task force used in updating the College of Commissioner Science course materials. Read more


Diversity and Inclusion

National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair Scott McKenzie points out how developing relationships at roundtable can lead to unit leaders becoming future commissioners. Read more

Bringing diversity to the commissioner corps means looking in new places for commissioners, according to National Commissioner Service Diversity and Inclusion Chair Colleen Chapman. Read more

BSA News


Registration for the 2019 Sea Base Lottery ends February 13. Make sure your unit is entered. Read more

Commissioner Tools 2.0 is under development. National Commissioner Service Communications Chair Rick Hillenbrand shares some of the upcoming enhancements. Read more

Regional Commissioners

JTE Key Performance Indicators

Regional and Area Commissioners Organization Chart. Read more

Here’s a look at the latest Key Performance Indicators from December 2017. Read more

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