Roundtable Support

Roundtables play a significant role in providing continuous supplemental training for unit leaders. This monthly event provides program topic guidance and structure suggestions for unit leaders.

A fun environment creates excitement around the coming month of activities and program for unit leaders to carry back for implementation in their units.

This section includes resources and best practices on how to support quality roundtables for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Varsity Scout leaders as well as the program forum for Venturing leaders.

Roundtable Commissioner Descriptions

Roundtable Best Practices

Roundtable Commissioner Basic Training

Roundtable Planning Guides

Providing knowledge, program ideas, skills, and fun resources is the purpose behind the Roundtable Planning Guides for Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders. Using this guide along with local resources, roundtable commissioners can enable and motivate unit leaders to deliver an outstanding program to their Scout troops. The guide is designed to allow program topics to be used in the order best suited for your district.

Introduction by National Commissioner Charles Dahlquist

November Team-building Activity

November Candle-lighting Ceremony


December Adult Recognition

December Youth Recognition

January—Duty to God

Camp Prayer

Interfaith Hike

Religious Emblems


Tiger Adventure

Bear Adventure

Wolf Adventure

Webelos Adventure

March—Aqua Cubs

Water Safety Chant

The Buddy System

Venturing Monthly Program Forum, No. 34342.

Awards and Recognition

Big Rocks and Interest Topics for Boy Scouts

Big Rocks and Interest Topics for Cub Scouts

Roundtable Training