Roundtable Support

Roundtables provide unit leaders with:

  • An opportunity to receive information
  • An opportunity to deliver information
  • An opportunity for ongoing program training
  • An opportunity for networking

Great roundtables create awareness of and excitement about coming months activities and program for unit leaders to use to strengthen the program their unit offers.

Roundtable Commissioner Descriptions

ACC for Roundtables: Job Description

ADC for Roundtables: Job Description

Roundtable Commissioner: Job Description

Assistant Roundtable Commissioners: Job Description

Roundtable Team Training

Roundtable Commissioner Basic Training: Basic Training Page

Roundtable Bachelor of Commissioner Science Courses (BCS 150-156): BCS Page

Roundtable Masters of Commissioner Science Courses (MCS 350 -358): MCS Page

Commissioner Manuals and Resources: Roundtable Chapter

Awards and Recognition

            Awards and Recognition Page

Roundtable Planning Resources

Providing knowledge, program ideas, skills, and fun resources are the objectives of Roundtable Planning Resources. Using them, along with local resources, roundtable commissioners can enable and motivate unit leaders to deliver an outstanding program to their Scouts.

These resources are provided as examples only. Local roundtable teams should design and implement Roundtables responsive to their local units’ needs.

Program topics have been developed by the appropriate national program committee (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturing).

All program topics are current and can be used if and when local roundtable commissioners believe they will provide greatest value to unit leaders. Program topics will be revised as needed and new program topics will be added from time to time as the national program committees identify additional needs. Program topics available on this site will always be the most current materials available to local roundtable commissioners.

Big Rock Topics

  1. Big Rock Template
  2. Den Chief
  3. Everything You Already Do is STEM
  4. Guide to Advancement
  5. Guide to Safe Scouting
  6. How to Be Eligible to Attend Wood Badge
  7. International Scouting and The BSA
  8. Logging Service Hours for Journey to Excellence
  9. Messengers of Peace
  10. National Media Publications
  11. New Member Coordinator
  12. Professional & Volunteer Relations
  13. The Adventure Plan (TAP)
  14. The James E West Fellowship Award

Cub Scout Roundtables

Roundtable Team Materials

  1. Roundtable Overview
  2. Parts of a Roundtable—General Session
  3. Roundtable Mechanics
  4. Optional Roundtables with Breakout Sessions (All Materials)

Roundtable Forms

  1. Cub Scout Roundtable Forms

Roundtable Topics

  1. Blue and Gold Banquet
  2. BSA Structure
  3. Den and Pack Behavior and Discipline
  4. Derbies
  5. Duty, Respect, and Honor
  6. Flag Ceremonies
  7. Joining Night
  8. Leader Appreciation
  9. Leader Recruitment and Succession Planning
  10. New Member Coordinator
  11. Planning Safely
  12. Webelos-Arrow of Light Transition to Scouts

Scouts BSA Roundtables

Roundtable Team Materials

  1. Roundtable Overview
  2. Parts of a Roundtable
  3. Program Features
  4. Roundtable Planning Calendar
  5. Roundtable Program Agendas
  6. Tips for Troop Meetings

Roundtable Forms

  1. Scout BSA Interest Topic Template
  2. Useful Forms for Roundtable

Roundtable Topics

  1. Scout BSA Interest Topic Template
  2. Boards of Review
  3. Campfires
  4. Ceremonies
  5. Courts of Honor
  6. Demonstrate Scout Spirit
  7. Hornaday Awards
  8. Individual Scouting Advancement Plan (ISAP)
  9. New Intro to Leadership Skills for Troop Training (ILST)
  10. New Member Coordinator (NMC)
  11. Order of the Arrow
  12. Pre-opening Gathering Period and SPL Announcements
  13. Recognizing and Appreciating your “Behind the Scenes Leaders”
  14. Recruiting a Great Committee
  15. The Scoutmasters Minute
  16. Tips for Out of State Travel
  17. Troop Meeting Agenda-Games
  18. Troop Meeting Agenda-Group Instructions, Skills Instruction

Venturing Roundtables

Roundtable Team Materials

  1. Optional Resources for Traditional Roundtables
  2. Venturing Roundtable Introduction and Resource Outline
  3. Venturing Roundtables Combined with VOA Meetings

Roundtable Forms

  1. Useful Forms for Roundtable
  2. Venturing Roundtable Commissioner Sample Agenda
  3. VOA – Activity Agenda
  4. VOA – Roundtable Agenda

Venturing Advisor Roundtable Topics

  1. Advisor 01. The ALPS Program Model
  2. Advisor 02.  Adventure
  3. Advisor 03. Leadership and Mentoring
  4. Advisor 04. Service
  5. Advisor 05. Personal Growth
  6. Advisor 06. Recognition  – Trail to the Summit
  7. Advisor 07. Ranger, Quest and TRUST
  8. Advisor 08. Training Opportunities
  9. Advisor 09. Planning
  10. Advisor 10. Experiential Education
  11. Advisor 11. Venturing’s Methods – An Overview
  12. Advisor 12. Method –  Group Identity
  13. Advisor 13. Implementing Youth Protection into the Crew Program
  14. Advisor 14. Advisor Conferences- Reflections, Goals, And More

Combined Session Roundtable Topics

  1. Combined 01. Den Chiefs
  2. Combined 02. Using STEM in Crew Meetings and Events
  3. Combined 03. Crew Boards of Review
  4. Combined 04. Governance-Venturing Officers Association
  5. Combined 05. Recruiting 101
  6. Combined 06. Long Term Camping Tier 3
  7. Combined 07. Pathfinder- Recruitment Growth and Mentorship
  8. Combined 08. Service Through Mentoring
  9. Combined 09. Leadership & Mentoring Part II
  10. Combined 10. The Induction Interview
  11. Combined 11. Crew Induction (Investiture)
  12. Combined 12. What Makes Advisors Effective – Advising vs Leading
  13. Combined 13. Governance- Youth Roles and Advisor Roles
  14. Combined 14. Crew Sustainability Service Project
  15. Combined 15. Positive Youth Development
  16. Combined 16. New Member Coordinator (NMC) – Sustaining Strong Membership
  17. Venturing Roundtable Commissioner Sample Agenda