COVID-19 Incidents / Exposures – Supplemental Instructions

Please help us track any incidents or exposures to COVID-19 by taking special attention during incident entry as follows:

  • Enter the incident as a General Liability “GL” incident.
  • As you describe the incident please include “COVID-19” somewhere in the description and any comments so that we can easily find them.
    • Example – three leaders exposed to COVID-19 positive youth at unit meeting. Or possible COVID-19 illness occurred at Camp XYZ Cabin A.
  • When you are entering the claimant information (who was exposed) and are on the GL Injury screens please use the drop down lists as follows:
    • Nature General – select Occupational Diseases from the drop down.
    • Nature Specific – select Infectious Diseases.

Your assistance is appreciated in these challenging times. If you have any questions please send email to us at and we will reply as soon as possible.

Download a Model Contact Tracing Tool spreadsheet