Pre-Event Medical Screening


Preparing for a campout or other event takes a lot of planning. One way to make sure everyone has fun and stays healthy while participating is to use the Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist before getting in those vehicles. Helping to prevent the spread of communicable diseases should be included as part of your preparation.


Why should you add one more thing to your to-do list? Checking to make sure everyone is well enough to attend before heading to the event makes sense. The Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist can help you do just that very quickly and easily. It is a tool to find out if someone is ill before you hit the road. Use it for everyone attending the event—adults and youth alike.

Before leaving, you should do a quick health check for every participant. This includes:

  • Reviewing each participant’s Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR) with them. Make sure all sections are completed and identify any potential medical issues.
  • Checking to make sure participants have enough medication for the entire length of the trip including all emergency medications, such as asthma rescue inhalers and EpiPens, if needed.
  • Determining if everyone is healthy enough to travel and attend the event. Use the Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist as a fast way to do a medical check. Eight quick questions can help to stop the spread of common communicable diseases to others in attendance. If someone responds “yes” to a question, the checklist provides guidance on what to do.

If you are traveling long distances, it may be a good idea to use the checklist upon arrival at the event too. Symptoms can pop up on the way, and by identifying an illness early you can potentially help prevent transmission to others in your group as well as to the others in attendance.

The Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist is not meant to be printed and saved. Do not keep it as a part of the AHMR. In fact, you can use just one copy or an electronic version during your health check before leaving. No need to fill it out. Just ask each person the questions. That’s all there is to it!