Internet Charter Renewal 2.0

The Boy Scouts of America offers an online charter renewal process for units. Recently, this process was moved to improve systems and increase speed and efficiency in processes. Located at, the new Internet Recharter system provides a more simplistic approach to the rechartering process and can be completed from start to finish without a single piece of paper changing hands.

Use these resources to help your unit’s renewal. You can also visit the Internet Recharter Responses to Forum-Related Questions/Discussions helpdesk.

Internet Recharter 2.0 is now available for all units with charter expiration dates of December 31, 2021.

  • Unit Key 3 and their delegates can complete their charter using
  • Enter the same credentials as used for
  • Commissioners can track charter renewal status on either their council or district dashboards.
    • Details of which units are making progress can be reviewed by clicking on the Reports URL in the upper righthand corner
  • Councils that have not completed their financial ACH requirements will receive an error message on the Charter Renewal Dashboard
    • Access to the Report should be functional
  • The IR 2.0 sandboxes will no longer be supported and may show error messages. If an error message occurs on one sandbox, try a different sandbox.
  • Commissioners are urged to work directly with their units to assist a unit that needs help.
  • Commissioners can refer to the training webinar, FAQs, and User Guide if they need assistance.
  • Additional assistance is available through council registrars.


The window to begin submitting the renewal is based on what the council has requested. There is normally a 60- and 90-day window which will open on 10/15/2021 for units with an Expire date of 12/31/2021.

The Charter Organization Rep, Committee Chairman, Unit Leader, or any key 3 delegate has the ability to submit the Renewal.

No, an access code is not required. The Key 3 and any Key 3 Delegate access Internet Rechartering using the same credentials used to access or My.Scouting.

Yes, reports will be available showing the stages of the submittal process of a unit

Yes, the unit will have the ability to load Youth Protection Training Certificates, CBC Disclosure Authorizations, Adult and Youth applications and PA Background and CORI forms into the renewal. When this is performed the unit will not auto-post and the council will be required to review the renewal, pull the forms loaded and enter the document information into my.scouting to post the unit.

No, the ability for a unit to pay online cannot be turned off.

No, there is an option to pay by ACH, Credit Card or to pay at the council. If they choose to pay at
the council, the unit will not auto-post and the council will review the renewal, collect registration
fees, and post the unit.

Yes, there is a refresh button which we encourage the person processing the renewal to use throughout the renewal process before submitting their unit.

Yes, they will enter the volunteer as a multiple and notate what unit/Non-Unit position and council that they are registered in. The unit will not auto-post and the council will be required to verify the multiple registration before posting the unit.

No. A unit will receive an error if the required leadership is not met, or they attempt to assign multiple leader positions to a volunteer and they cannot move forward in the process until the error is corrected.

No, the renewal processor does not have the ability to enter Youth Protection Dates into a person’s profile.

The unit can upload the CBC Authorization to the individual before submitting the renewal.
Otherwise, the renewal can still be submitted, and council will collect the form, verify the
information, and post the unit. The renewal will not auto-post.

Yes, the unit can submit the renewal, however, it will not auto-post . The council will review the
renewal, verify YPT requirements and post once the YPT has been completed. Additionally,
completed YPT Certificates can be uploaded to the individual and submitted with the renewal.

Yes, this will be necessary for a registrar to post the unit effectively.

Once submitted, the Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates will receive an email requesting a digital signature. If necessary, the CC, UL and Key 3 Delegate may sign on behalf of the COR.

The unit cannot auto-post if any of the requirements below are not met

  • Must have 5 or more paid youth
  • Register with less than 100 youth
  • Cannot have a drop of over 50% of 25 or more youth
  • Must have a change in membership from the previous year

Also, the below will prevent a unit from auto-posting

  • Documents that are uploaded with the renewal
  • New CBC Authorization not received
  • Youth Protection Training Required

Don’t see your question here? Check out the full list of FAQs here.