Commissioner Basic Training

Online option

Basic Training courses are available in the BSA Learn Center.

Online learning plans are available for:

  • Unit Commissioner
  • Roundtable Commissioner
  • District Commissioner *
  • Council Commissioner *

    * Assistant District and Assistant Council Commissioners also use these learning plans

Each learning plan also has optional Acclimation modules for commissioners who may not be familiar with the Scouting movement or specific program areas:

  • BSA Aims and Methods
  • BSA Organizational Structure
  • What is Cub Scouting?
  • What is Scouts BSA?
  • What is Venturing?
  • What is Sea Scouting?
  • What is Exploring?
  • What is Learning for Life?

Instructor-led option

Local councils have the option of delivering Instructor-led Basic Training. Curriculum is available for:


The final phase of Basic Training is to complete the onboarding process while working with an assigned coach.  The Onboarding Progress Record is a set of 10–12 tasks that the commissioner and their coach will do together. This process can be completed in a short time frame. Commissioners should speak to their upline commissioner to coordinate the assignment of a coach; for example, a Unit Commissioner should work with their District Commissioner.

Onboarding Progress Records:

A commissioner is recognized as being Trained when they have completed both the coursework and the onboarding worksheet with their coach. Training Manager will automatically be updated when the online Learning Plan is completed. Training Manager must be updated manually for instructor-led courses.

Feedback on Curriculum

Commissioners are encouraged to provide feedback on our Basic Training Curriculum. If you have suggestions for updates or if you note errors in the material, please use the form below to share your comments. All feedback is collected by the Curriculum Review Team and is considered for future updates

Feedback on Basic Training

Be sure to include your email address in the body of the message if you would like a response.