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National Commissioner's Minute

Commissioners know that Scouting provides life-changing experiences for youth. National Commissioner Charles Dahlquist shares stories that demonstrate how Scouting can provide life-saving experiences as well.
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Recruitment and Retention

National Commissioner Service Chair

What makes a great commissioner? Having a servant’s heart. National Commissioner Service Recruitment and Retention Chair Larry Chase says those with a servant’s heart demonstrate a number of characteristics that enable them to be great commissioners. Read more

The number of tools available to help support commissioners as they fulfill their mission continues to grow. National Commissioner Service Chair Scott Sorrels points out that these tools reinforce the simple and unified approach to commissioner service. Read more



The 2017 National Scout Jamboree is just nine months away. National Commissioner Service Resources Chair Darlene Sprague invites commissioners to join the adventure and help provide mountaintop experiences for Scouts. Read more

National Commissioner Service Training Chair Tim Acree provides a step-by-step guide to accessing commissioner training content at the BSA Learn Center. Read more

Underserved Markets


Wearing the Scout uniform is one of the methods of Scouting. But what happens when a Scout’s parents can’t afford a uniform? National Commissioner Service Underserved Markets Chair Joe Domino has some suggestions to help give all Scouts a sense of belonging when it comes to uniforming. Read more

National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair Dan Maxfield continues his series on the roundtable experience. In this issue of The Commissioner, he discusses the role that unit commissioners play in promoting roundtable attendance and ensuring that new leaders are welcomed. Read more

BSA News


The latest edition of the Unit Performance Guide, your go-to resource for organizing and retaining units, is now available. Read more

Commissioner Tools provides a lot of data about units. National Commissioner Service Communications Chair Rick Hillenbrand describes how to analyze that date to make it useful. Read more

Regional Commissioners

JTE Key Performance Indicators

Regional and Area Commissioners Organization Chart. Read more

Here's a look at the latest Key Performance Indicators from August 2016. Read more

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