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The Unit Service Plan

Unit Commissioner Patch

The Unit Service Plan is a tool to strengthen a unit and enable it to offer the best possible program to the youth it serves. Find out how this collaborative effort to establish a customized annual plan can provide continuing improvement for each unit as well as enable commissioners to focus on their primary responsibilities. Read more

National Commissioner Minute

The new year brings new opportunities for commissioners. Whether visiting units or attending national-level training at the Florida Sea Base or Philmont, commissioners have the chance to ensure Scouting is delivering a rewarding program to youth. Read more

National Commissioner Service Chair

When volunteers and professionals team up, the results can be amazing. National Commissioner Service Chair Scott Sorrels explains how combining the efforts of passionate, empowered volunteers with talented professionals can work on both the council and the national levels. Read more

Recruitment and Retention


The Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service recognizes exemplary service. In "Success Story," National Commissioner Service Recruitment and Retention Chair Larry Chase shares how one commissioner's pursuit of this award impacted his units and council. Read more

Training is vital for commissioners to successfully perform their role. In "Best Methods for Using Commissioner Training," National Commissioner Service Training Chair Tim Acree outlines the different levels of training and provides information about training recognition and updated course materials. Read more



The commissioner manuals are currently being revised. And with the changes to the Unit Service Plan and the introduction of the Commissioner Tools, those revisions will be extensive. Read more

Good roundtables equal better programs in units. National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair Daniel B. Maxfield provides an update on the upcoming roundtable planning guides. Read more

BSA News

BSA Spotlight

Changes are in the works for all three of the BSA's traditional programs. The Program Update website has all the details. Read more

As you search for unit commissioners, don't forget that Scouting alumni can be excellent prospects. Read more

Regional Commissioners

Unit Commissioner Box Score

Regional and Area Commissioners Organization Chart. Read more

Here's a look at the latest unit commissioner statistics from December 2013. Read more

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