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Commissioner Recognition Changes Implemented

National Commissioner's Minute

It’s important to recognize the commitment and success of commissioners. In an effort to establish opportunities for all commissioners, create consistent requirements, and provide easy access to recognition information, a team has worked for more than two years to revise commissioner recognitions. Read more

Commissioners’ efforts to help units may not always be appreciated. But new National Commissioner Charles Dahlquist challenges commissioners to be persistent as they strive to ensure that every youth member has a trained, engaged leader. Read more

Recruitment and Retention

National Commissioner Service Chair

Successful unit service depends on providing an adequate number of trained commissioners. According to National Commissioner Service Recruitment and Retention Chair Larry Chase, recruiting people to serve as commissioners just became easier because the changes to commissioner recognition clearly define what success looks like. Read more

Changes are ahead for the commissioner corps. National Commissioner Service Chair Scott Sorrels provides an overview of changes in both leadership and the recognition structure. Read more



How do the newly revised awards and recognitions tie commissioner service together? National Commissioner Service Resources Chair Darlene Sprague has the answer to this question and others. Read more

Commissioner content is now available in the BSA Learn Center. National Commissioner Service Training Chair Tim Acree provides an update on this and other training topics. Read more

Underserved Markets


Targeting underserved markets is key to the success of growing Scouting. National Commissioner Service Underserved Markets Chair Joe Domino explains the steps the BSA has taken to move forward in this area. Read more

What makes an effective roundtable experience? National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair Dan Maxfield expands on two points he presented in the previous issue of The Commissioner. Read more

BSA News


Jamboree-on-the-Air and Jamboree-on-the-Internet will help Scouts "Discover Our World." Read more

A current recommendation is to concentrate on units with greater need. But first you have to identify those units. National Commissioner Service Communications Chair Rick Hillenbrand explains how to do so. Read more

Regional Commissioners

JTE Key Performance Indicators

Regional and Area Commissioners Organization Chart. Read more

Here's a look at the latest Key Performance Indicators from March 2016. Read more

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