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Commissioner Tools to Launch

Unit Commissioner Patch

The Commissioner Tools are nearing launch. Find out how the tools can help you in your role as a commissioner. Read more

National Commissioner Minute

Commissioners are charged with ensuring that youth experience a Scouting program that will change their lives. National Commissioner Tico Perez points out Four Things commissioners can do to increase unit retention rates and reinforce the delivery of a quality program. Read more

National Commissioner Service Chair

National Commissioner Service Chair Scott Sorrels explains three initiatives that will help commissioners better serve units: the launch of the Commissioner Tools and the appointment of two chairs who will focus on improving communications and serving youth in underserved markets. Read more

Recruitment and Retention


In “Success Story,” National Commissioner Service Recruitment and Retention Chair Larry Chase shares how an assistant district commissioner helped improve service to units chartered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Read more

All of the commissioner training materials are being updated to provide the most current, up-to-date information. National Commissioner Service Training Chair Tim Acree reports that several teams are working on the revisions. Read more



The BSA is changing some of the ways it conducts Scouting business. Find out about the new medical record and changes in unit registration status.  Read more

National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair Daniel B. Maxfield provides an update on revisions to the roundtable planning guides and shares some feedback on the previous edition. Read more

Underserved Markets


The BSA’s All Markets Strategy is an organization-wide strategy aimed at reaching changing markets. National Commissioner Service Underserved Markets Chair Joe Domino explains how commissioners can support the All Markets Strategy.  Read more

National Commissioner Service Communications Chair Rick Hillenbrand shares his ideas for how commissioners can use Internet communications methods to better connect with one another. Read more

BSA News

BSA Spotlight

In order to enhance its efforts to protect youth, the BSA has initiated the Youth Protection Champions program. These volunteers will assist in recruiting youth protection leadership and support training. Read more

A new advancement conference at Philmont this summer will examine the keys to increasing advancement. Read more

Regional Commissioners

Unit Commissioner Box Score

Regional and Area Commissioners Organization Chart. Read more

Here's a look at the latest unit commissioner statistics from March 2014. Read more

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