Dress Uniforms for Leaders

A dress uniform, like the uniform worn by professional Scouters, is appropriate for all Scouting leaders on formal occasions. The dress uniform consists of the following:

  • Blazer—A dark-blue, two-button blazer is available in worsted wool, lamb’s wool, or cashmere. Official BSA blazers have gold-plated buttons bearing the universal emblem.
  • Emblem—An embroidered Boy Scout emblem is to be worn on the pocket of the men’s or women’s blazer.
  • Slacks—Heather gray worsted wool trousers are available for men. Slacks or a skirt are available for women.
  • Belt—The official black leather belt with gold buckle is to be worn with trousers or slacks.
  • Neckwear—Silk neckties with red, gold, and navy stripes are available for men and women.
  • Shoes—Black dress shoes are to be worn with the dress uniform.

Note that no BSA insignia, other than the blazer emblem, are worn with the dress uniform.