District and Council Activities

Your local council or district office may schedule activities in which all the packs in your area are invited to participate. Some examples are Cub Scout day camps, Scoutoramas, Scouting shows, conservation projects, outdoor Cub Scout field days, Cub Scout circuses, district summer softball leagues, etc.

District or Council Scouting Shows

A Scouting show is a gala event held in a council or district to demonstrate to the general public the ways in which Scouting serves youth in the community. Participating in a Scouting show also helps boys and their families see that they are part of a total Scouting program. Cub Scout pack participation helps acquaint Cub Scout families with Boy Scouting and Venturing.

Cub Scout participation in the show should demonstrate the ideals of Cub Scouting. The Scouts may participate in a grand entrance of boys and parents by packs, demonstrations of Cub Scout outdoor activities, acts related to Cub Scout adventures, or other Cub Scout activities such as derbies, physical fitness, etc.

District or Council Tiger Activities

Many districts and councils plan and conduct special “Tigers only” activities for their dens. These activities are planned for the age and experience level of Tigers, with activities for boys and their adult partners to do together. Tigers and their adult partners may also attend district and council day camps.

Also, to help Tigers in their den outings, the council and/or district activities and civic service committee may have developed a “Where to Go” booklet. Whether the booklet is bound or is just a sheet of paper depends on the council and its resources. This booklet can be a great resource for your dens and will help them stay interested and active.