2020 National Virtual Aquatics Workshop

With the best interest of our volunteers in mind, the BSA National Aquatics Subcommittee has moved the biennial 2020 BSA National Aquatics Conference from an in-person to a virtual event. This Virtual Aquatics Conference will have seven Zoom sessions over the course of four weeks. Each session will be approximately 90 minutes in duration and there will be plenty of opportunities for questions and answers. We anticipate that this virtual format will reach a much larger audience than our traditional in-person event.

This free Aquatics conference is especially well-suited for council program directors, council aquatic committee members, camp aquatic directors and National Camping School staff members. Anyone with an interest in BSA aquatics is welcome. These sessions will be recorded and posted for later viewing.



Virtual Aquatics Workshop Schedule

Session 1: 

Thursday, September 24th. Recorded Link Click Here.

Congratulations to our session 1 door prize winners!

  • Rae T.
  • Cameron H.
  • Jonathan B.
  • David O.
  • Bill F.
  • Andrea G.

Resources Shared:

Session 2

Tuesday, September 29th. Recorded Link Click Here.

Congratulations to our session 2 door prize winners!

  • Lita C.
  • Tom B.
  • Aaron V.
  • T.W. Cook
  • Austin S.
  • Willie R.

Resources Shared:

Session 3

Thursday, October 1st. Recorded Link Here.

Congratulations to our session 3 door prize winners!

  • Shane   T.
  • Chris     M.
  • Robert  H.
  • Chris     A.
  • James   M.
  • David    L.

Resources Shared:

Session 4

Tuesday, October 6th. Recorded Link Here.

Congratulations to our session 4 door prize winners!

  • Mark B.
  • David S.
  • Keith M.
  • Alexander G.
  • Shari H.
  • Laury H.

Resources Shared:

Session 5

Thursday, October 8th. Recorded Link Here.

Resources Shared:

Congratulations to our session 5 door prize winners!

  • Ruth      A.
  • Chris      W.
  • Grace    P.
  • Bob        R.
  • Matt      V.
  • Harry     E.

Session 6 

Tuesday, October 13th. Recorded Link Here.

Resources Shared

Congratulations to our Session 6 Door Prize Winners!

  • Jenny P.
  • Connie K.
  • Joe F.
  • Ben C. 
  • Mark B.
  • Alan M.


Session 7

Tuesday, October 15th. 8pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST)


  • Key Note Speaker – Al Lambert, Assistant Chief Scout Executive and Director of Outdoor Programs.