Other Youth Awards

In addition to the awards available through the Cub Scout advancement programand the Academics and Sports program, Cub Scouts may earn a number of individualawards, including the following:

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

Tiger Cubs, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts have the opportunity to earn the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award. This award recognizes the Scout's participation in outdoor recreation and conservation projects, and can often be earned in conjunction with other Scouting activities.Click here for more information about this award.

Religious Emblems

To encourage members to grow stronger in their faith, many religious groups have instituted programs that enable youth to earn a religious emblem. The Boy Scouts of America has approved of these programs and allows the emblems to be worn on the official uniform. However, the emblems are awarded through the various religious organizations rather than the BSA.

For a complete list of approved emblems programs, including a list of awardsthat are provided by each faith, see the Religious Emblems Programs.

Cub Scout World Conservation Award

Webelos Scouts can earn the Cub Scout World Conservation Award by earning the Forester, Naturalist, and Outdoorsman activity badges and participating in a den or pack conservation project.

Leave No Trace Awareness Award

Leave No Trace is a plan that helps people to be more concerned about theirenvironment and helps them protect it for future generations. Cub Scoutsand leaders are eligible to earn the Leave No Trace Awareness Award.Click here for more information.

Emergency Preparedness Award

Emergency preparedness means being prepared for all kinds of emergencies, able to respond in time of crisis to save lives and property and to help a community—or even a nation—return to normal life after a disaster occurs. To encourage Scouts of all ages to be prepared for emergency situations,the BSA has approved an Emergency Preparedness Award program for members of allages. To learn more about the award requirements and download an applicationform, visit the Emergency Preparedness Award page.


Cub Scouts who participate in Cub Scout derbies, field days, and othercompetitive events can win medals for their performance and participation.These medals can be displayed on the Scout's uniform at appropriate events.