The modules listed below were designed to help those volunteers and professional Scouters understand more about the new Commissioner Tools in an interview-style format. The two volunteers answering questions, Larry Chase and Rick Hillenbrand, are from the National Commissioner Tools Task Force and Service Team.To view all the videos as one, scroll down to the last video at the bottom on the right.



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Why Use Commissioner Tools?

How commissioners can serve more youth without spending more time.


Who Will Have Access to Commissioner Tools?

All commissioners will have access, but here are some things you can do to prepare before your first use of Commissioner Tools.


What to do With Commissioner Tools Data?

What a unit service plan is and how Commissioner Tools makes creating one easier.


What are Unit Contacts

The purpose and definition of a “meaningful” contact.


Simpler vs Detailed Commissioner Tools Assessment

How and when to use a detailed assessment to create a unit service plan and how to use simple assessments for updates.


Refill Questions Each Time?

Abridging a detailed assessment to make an intermediate assessment.


How to Migrate to Commissioner Tools

An explanation of the impact and JTE ramifications to a council when transitioning from UVTS and starting to record contacts in Commissioner Tools, including access and use of Commissioner Tools by professionals.


How Recording Roundtables Works

Planning roundtables and tracking unit roundtable attendance, including a 60-day window for making edits.


Ability to Make Revisions

Corrections and edits can be made to unit contacts within 48 hours.


Commissioner Tools Training Availability

Additional formal training is being created and added regularly (like this video); here is how to train yourself.


Resources for More Information on Commissioner Tools

How and where to get additional information.


Commissioner Tools – All Questions

All the above segments in one video.