Commissioner Recruitment and Retention

Commissioners’ mission, helping units succeed, hasn’t changed in Scouting’s second century. But the tools and techniques they use have, and our descriptions of the work they do and our ability to recognize their efforts haven’t kept pace.

Commissioner Recruitment: Journey to Excellence enables focus on the results of our efforts to serve youth through Scouting; commissioner position descriptions, however, tend to be lengthy lists of activities that don’t accurately reflect how commissioners can best spend their time and what outcomes their efforts should produce. Administrative commissioners, particularly our assistant district commissioners, are directly responsible for strengthening unit service by recruiting new commissioners. They will be most successful at identifying and recruiting candidates when equipped with tools that accurately describe the work to be done and the results desired. Look for updated position descriptions on the Commissioner Recruitment page arriving in late 2013.

Commissioner Retention: Recognition of the efforts of individual commissioners inspires the performance of all and encourages them to extend their commitment to unit service. Commissioners should be recognized personally and publicly for commitments and accomplishments that support and demonstrate the delivery of effective unit service using contemporary tools and techniques. Changes to commissioner recognition opportunities will establish consistency, encourage the use of contemporary tools and techniques, incorporate our simple and unified approach to unit service, encourage visioning by district and council commissioners, and also encourage goal setting and planning by all administrative and roundtable commissioners. Changes will not eliminate recognition opportunities that are important elements of the traditions of unit service, such as the Arrowhead Honor, Distinguished Commissioner, and Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award Knot. They will, however, build upon the foundation of the Award of Excellence in Unit Service, renew emphasis on the Commission, and provide consistency in recognition for all commissioners. Look for updated information on the Awards and Recognitions page in late 2013.

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