News for Commissioners

News for Commissioners_10.22.2021

Internet Recharter 2.0 is now available for all units with charter expiration dates of December 31, 2021.

  • Unit Key 3 and their delegates can complete their charter using
  • Enter the same credentials as used for
  • Commissioners can track charter renewal status on either their council or district dashboards.
    • Details of which units are making progress can be reviewed by clicking on the Reports URL in the upper righthand corner
  • Councils that have not completed their financial ACH requirements will receive an error message on the Charter Renewal Dashboard
    • Access to the Report should be functional
  • The IR 2.0 sandboxes will no longer be supported and may show error messages. If an error message occurs on one sandbox, try a different sandbox.
  • Commissioners are urged to work directly with their units to assist a unit that needs help.
  • Commissioners can refer to the training webinar, FAQs, and User Guide if they need assistance.
  • Additional assistance is available through council registrars

Prioritizing Assigned Commissioners

To: All Commissioners
From: Karen Bengtson, Recruiting & Retention Chair

Given the reduced size of our commissioner force and the current number of units that are struggling, it is more important than ever to be intentional in how commissioners are assigned to units. The recruiting and retention team have developed a thoughtful approach that will enable administrative commissioners to better support the retention goals of each council.

Click here to download the document.


News for Commissioners_10.04.2021

Internet Recharter 2.0 Sandbox Access for Commissioners

Commissioners are now able to access a sandbox for them to become more familiar with the new Internet Recharter app.  There are seven available sandboxes that can be accessed.  As many people will want to explore this new software, the multiple sandboxes will enable adequate bandwidth to accommodate multiple users during the same time.

The multiple sandbox login details are listed below.  Please note the following for access and use:

  • url:
    • Username: Password
    • Sandbox05 | Scouting123@
    • Sandbox06 | Scouting123@
    • Sandbox09 | Scouting123@
    • Sandbox10 | Scouting123@
    • Sandbox11 | Scouting123@
    • Sandbox14 | Scouting123@
    • Sandbox19 | Scouting123@
  • The password is case sensitive, the username is not
  • Do NOT finish and mark “pay at the council” as it will lock others from being able to use that sandbox
  • Be aware that the sandbox is using development software and is still under development – therefore there will be “bugs” and occasional errors appear. This will have no affect with your use of the sandbox.

For additional information, please visit the following url to view the webinar training, FAQs, and the User Guide.

Finally, it is encouraged that each commissioner working with a unit contact and visit with their unit leaders engaged with unit recharter to compare notes, prepare the roster details prior to October 15, and assist each other to ensure a smooth and timely charter renewal.


News for Commissioners_09.22.2021

On Wednesday, September 22, a sandbox environment will be open for units and commissioners to begin exploring and training on the new Internet Recharter system. The link is and it will allow units to “test” the recharter process before actually committing the actions permanently in the new recharter system when it opens on October 15.

Units can access the sandbox using the same login ID as they use for Scoutbook or my.scouting. The password will be a generic password and will be circulated to councils and volunteers by Wednesday.

Be aware that the sandbox is a “Work In Process”, which means that many functions are still being finalized and that users may experience some issues. This is normal with pre-released software and there is no need for concern. Frequent updates will be made to enable a fully working system in time for the start of charter renewal on October 15.


News for Commissioners_09.21.2021

Internet Recharter 2.0 Update

Join us for this informative introduction to the new, improved and much streamlined Internet Rechartering System!

Register for the zoom webinar here.


News for Commissioners_09.17.2021

Internet Recharter 2.0 Update

Following are three very useful updates to help everyone prepare for the new Internet Recharter 2.0 process:

  • The User Guide link (as updates to the guide become available, this URL will also be updated.)
  • Sandbox will be available on September 21
  • Webinar/training will be available on September 28

Stay tuned in the various media for details on how to access each of the last two items.


News for Commissioners_09.14.2021

Commissioners are focusing on helping units to Grow Scouting. This Growing Scouting PowerPoint presentation helps units find the most effective ways to promote scouting on social media. The companion document is a schedule that can be directly filled and customized for your units. Please help us distribute these valuable resource to all of our units.

Promotion of units is more important this year; let’s do all we can to support unit recruitment efforts. Escape the great indoors!


News for Commissioners_08.28.2021

New updates to training and commissioner college updates have just been posted! These changes include:

Commissioner College:

  • Masters level College of Commissioner Science courses have been updated.
  • Bachelors level College of Commissioner courses were refreshed with technical updates.
  • Archives of old courses will be available for 120 days, except for the old Roundtable Degree Track courses which will be available until 4/1/2022.

Position Specific:

  • Instructor led basic training courses and all onboarding progress records have been updated and are available on the Commissioner website.
  • Online Basic Training Courses will be refreshed on in early September.

Check out the changes at


News for Commissioners_08.16.2021

Internet Recharter 2.0

Beginning with charters that will expire on December 31, 2021, units will use a new system that the BSA has developed. The new system has the following to look forward to:

  • Coming this Fall
  • Simpler and Easy to Use
  • Accessible through Internet Advancement (
  • Same Login as for ScoutBook
  • No Access Codes necessary
  • Single Screen for all data Review and Validation
  • Uploads for new applications, YPT, or CBC forms easy to manage
  • Will be used for ALL units rechartering, including Exploring Posts and Clubs
  • Easy electronic approval by COR or a designate
  • Convenient payment online or at Scout Service Center
  • Training coming in early September for both council registrars and all volunteers, including commissioners
  • Commissioner Dashboard will be available to monitor unit progress

To learn more about the details of this new system, check out the FAQs and this updated, step-by-step video.


News for Commissioners_08.04.2021

Keeping Current

Commissioners should be our unit leaders’ best source of information. To achieve that goal, commissioners must keep current. Easy to say. How can you do that? An array of tools are available:

Check them out:


News for Commissioners_08.02.2021

As Commissioners, recruitment and retention are crucial tools, and we have some new material to help: Check out this new Welcome Guide for Cub Scout Families that helps to explain the basics of Scouting to prospective parents to help recruit and answer basic questions on the purpose, aims, and methods of Scouting. The document’s last page also explains the role of the Commissioner and how we support the unit!

This is also found in Spanish!


News for Commissioners_07.27.2021

Momentum ’21 – Fall Membership Kickoff Event

You asked, National BSA Responded! The event can now be viewed by everyone. Read this article and learn how you can watch the Momentum ’21 Fall Membership Kickoff Event here.


News for Commissioners_07.23.2021

Commissioners own rechartering. The National Commissioner Service Team wanted to let you know that changes are coming to Internet Recharter. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

View the official announcement.


News for Commissioners_07.09.2021

It’s time for the next Recruiting Seminar: Social Media Marketing 101

Want to find out the best social platform to reach your audiences? Log on and find out how to use social media to connect with families in your community.

On July 15, 2021, at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central.

Register on Zoom here


News for Commissioners_06.22.2021

You asked for it! More Scout Tech. Join us June 24 as we decode Joining Online.

Please share this information with your units.  Don’t let families that want to join your unit slip away.  Hook them and bring them into the boat with Online Registration, Application Manager and Invitation Manager.

Commissioners can help units with these tools.  Be sure you attend also.

  • How Online Registration and Application Manager Work
  • What is an ‘Invitation Manager’ and Why You’ll Like It
  • And…How to Use Those Cool QR Codes (you can put them anywhere – even on Facebook!)

You must register in advance for this meeting.


News for Commissioners_06.21.2021

Welcoming New Team Members: Mike Weber, Technology Chair

Mike has been active in Scouting for over 40 years, starting as a Wolf Scout, earning Eagle Scout, and continuing as an adult where he has served at the unit, district, council, area, and regional levels. In addition to experience in Cub Scouts as a Cubmaster and Scouts BSA as a Scoutmaster, he has also served as an Exploring post Advisor. A former Wood Badge course director, Mike is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow as well as a Distinguished Eagle Scout. Mike served at the Council Level as Council President and Council Commissioner. Most recently, he served as the Central Region’s regional commissioner, where he implemented a region-wide initiative to increase the recruiting of commissioners. He remains active at the unit level as a chartered organization representative for both a pack and a troop and as a merit badge counselor.

Mike’s personal and professional experience have well prepared him to continue our efforts to provide commissioners with technology applications that will enable them to support units more effectively and efficiently.

His recent work in helping design and implement our new national service territories adds to his broad perspective and will enable your national service team to better support our new national service territories.


News for Commissioners_06.19.2021

Welcoming New Team Members: Jim Libbin, Commissioner Facilitator (National Commissioner Service Territories 1 – 8)

A Cub Scout and Boy Scout as a youth, Jim returned to Scouting when his son joined Tiger Cubs. Since then, he has served unit, district, council, area, and regional levels. A former council commissioner, he served most recently as the Western Region’s regional commissioner. He has remained engaged at the unit level, volunteering to serve as committee chair for a new Cub Scout pack and also for a Scouts BSA girl troop.

Jim’s Scouting experience is truly diverse, including terms as a council executive board member, area president, area commissioner, regional training chair, and regional commissioner. A former Wood Badge course director, he has also served as chancellor of a tri-council College of Commissioner Science. Jim is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.

Jim was a member of the team that designed our new national service territories. That adds to his already broad experience and better prepares him for his next assignment, which is a new role on your national service team.


News for Commissioners_06.17.2021

Welcoming New Team Members: Karen Bengtson, Recruiting & Retention Chair

Karen fondly remembers the day her oldest son came home from 1st grade clutching a Cub Scout flyer. She signed him up because she thought it would be a great thing for him to do with his father. Seventeen years later, Karen is still volunteering. She currently serves as council commissioner for the Middle Tennessee Council.

Experience in a variety of Scouting unit, district, and council positions prepared her to be an excellent candidate for council commissioner, where she has continued to apply her passion for serving youth through Scouting. She continues to serve as a merit badge counselor, believing it enables her to maintain a direct connection with the youth we all serve that leaves her better equipped to provide leadership at the council and now the national level.

Karen understands the need for every commissioner to be engaged in recruiting more commissioners and will continue to provide new solutions to ensure our ability to serve every unit.


News for Commissioners_06.15.2021

Welcoming New Team Members: Sean Byrne, Resources Chair

Sean brings a unique and valuable perspective to your national service team. Active in Scouting since joining as a Tiger, he has been continuously registered for nearly 22 years and is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow. The National Capital Area Council has been his primary Scouting home. There he serves as a unit commissioner and deputy chair of marketing, as well as program director for Camp Catoctin BSA, one of the organization’s few all-volunteer, nationally accredited Scouts BSA resident camps. In 2019, he staffed the 24th World Jamboree with the Rover Brigade and later joined your national commissioner service team as a subject matter expert for young adult recruiting. In response to the pandemic, he produced NCAC’s Capital Camp-In and kept nearly 1,000 Scouts from across the globe Scouting On at home.

His personal, Scouting, and professional experience have well prepared him to help continue to strengthen resources available to all commissioners.


News for Commissioners_06.13.2021

Welcoming New Team Members: Linda Baker, Commissioner Facilitator (National Commissioner Service Territories 9 – 16)

A former council commissioner, regional commissioner, Northeast Region vice president — program, area vice president — membership, and current council executive committee member and Scouts BSA linked troops committee chair, Linda brings a wealth of Scouting experience to the team. Her recent work in helping design and implement our new national service territories adds to the broad perspective she brings to the team.

“You’ll watch kids become amazing leaders right before your eyes” and “You’ll work with wonderful people” were among the motivating messages Linda heard decades ago when she was recruited to be a Scouting volunteer, and they have stood the test of time. A focus on welcoming millennial parents has guided much of Linda’s work in the past 10 years, especially her leadership of the new member coordinator development team. She’s also served on a variety of national committees and task forces, as Wood Badge staff member and course director and course director conference staff member, and faculty for numerous Colleges of Commissioner Science and national commissioner conferences. Linda is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.

Linda’s participation in the design of our new national service territories provides her with a unique perspective that prepares her for this new role on your national service team.


News for Commissioners_06.11.2021

Celebrating Service: Gail Plucker, Southern Region Commissioner

Our regional organization is being dissolved with the implementation of our national service territories. Regional commissioners have been a vital link in the support of unit service in our local councils. The direct engagement of regional commissioners with your national service team has increased significantly over the last few years and, as a result, so has the quality of support we’ve been able to provide to local councils. Gail has taken on what was always a challenging assignment during a time that was even more demanding. And its complexity only increased with their engagement in helping design and implement our national service territories.


News for Commissioners_06.09.2021

Celebrating Service: Sue Simmons, National Commissioner Service Team Starting and Sustaining Chair

Sue Simmons has also had a comparatively short (~2.5 years) but impactful term of service. During this time, she helped shape a new role on your national service team, created our Starting, Sustaining, and Growing Units web page, developed and delivered both in-person and virtual training, and built a diverse team of subject matter experts. Sue has been called to serve as a commissioner for one of our new national service territories. Her experience on the team strengthens both unit service and a national service territory.

News for Commissioners_06.07.2021

The national annual membership fee is increasing by $6, about 50 cents per month, because the costs associated with Scouting, including the cost of liability insurance, continue to increase and the organization is not able to subsidize the increased costs as it had in the past. Read the full release here.

News for Commissioners_06.07.2021

Celebrating Service: Jeff Bostwick, National Commissioner Service Team Recruiting and Retention Chair

Jeff’s term of service (approx. 18 months) has been comparatively short, but his contributions have been significant. He’s created and delivered both in-person and virtual training on new approaches to recruiting commissioners, revised our Commissioner Recruiting web page, and built a diverse team of subject matter experts who are working hard to develop resources to enable us to build a unit service team that reflects the communities and unit leaders we serve. Jeff has been called to serve as chair of the national Scouts BSA committee, and your service team will look forward to working closely in that role. His experience on the team strengthens both unit service and the Scouts BSA program.


News for Commissioners_06.05.2021

Celebrating Service: Rick Hillenbrand, National Commissioner Service Team Technology

Rick has worked tirelessly in a variety of unit, council, area, and regional roles. His contributions are broad, but none are greater than those resulting from his efforts to provide volunteers with applications that make it possible to work more effectively and efficiently. It wasn’t always a smooth road — developing and implementing technology (in any setting) never is. But since joining your National Commissioner Service team in 2014, he never stopped asking what commissioners and unit volunteers needed to help deliver Scouting, and he never stopped trying to meet those needs. He has always been there to support us, whether by responding to an email, developing and delivering training, or traveling anywhere in the United States in support of our local councils. All of us, and especially commissioners, are better off as a result.


News for Commissioners_06.03.2021

Celebrating Service: Darlene Sprague, National Commissioner Service Team Resources Chair

Like many, Dar’s Scouting career started when her son joined Cub Scouts. Little did she know that would lead to council, area, regional, and national opportunities to serve, including joining your National Commissioner Service team in 2011. Much that we take for granted — our quarterly newsletter, our website, our manuals, even our ability to order a hat, jacket, or shirt that identifies us as commissioners — is the result of her efforts. Many of the communications you receive as commissioners are the result of her efforts to facilitate their publication through a variety of channels. Her support never faltered, nor have her contributions to the development and delivery of commissioner training and her willingness to travel where needed to support our local councils. Once again, all of us, and especially commissioners, are better off as a result of her service.


News for Commissioners_06.02.2021

Adapting to Change
By Larry Chase, National Commissioner Service Team Chair

You may have noticed one constant in recent communications to commissioners: change. The reason is simple: There’s been a lot of it recently in Scouting and there will be more. Acknowledging change is one thing; adapting to it is something entirely different. It requires that we change — and that we help those we support do the same.

The units we serve have faced significant challenges over the past year and losses — in units, youth and adult membership, and professional staff — have resulted. There have also been successes: units that kept on Scouting and youth and adult volunteers who remained engaged. Where we saw success, we inevitably saw three characteristics:

  • Patience — a quiet confidence that Scouting will continue its mission
  • Persistence — a commitment that failure is not an option
  • Resilience — a capacity to recover quickly through collaboration to create and implement new solutions

Resilient organizations share certain traits:

  • Prepared — planning for short- and long-term outcomes
  • Adaptable — recognizing the importance of having members who can adjust and adapt
  • Collaborative — knowing that collaboration enables quick decisions, reduces risk, and builds trust
  • Communicative — communicating frequently and transparently
  • Responsible — taking responsibility for both their mission and their performance

As commissioners, we need to adopt and share these characteristics and traits.

And we must change our focus. Today, there are six things that must be the center of our attention:

  • Supporting units to ensure their leaders are inspired, engaged, committed, and optimistic
  • Recruiting commissioners to enable us to serve every unit
  • Communicating information to increase awareness of resources and access to them
  • Developing commissioners to enable them to serve units effectively
  • Growing Scouting by helping create, retain, and grow units for all programs
  • Adapting to change to ensure Scouting can be delivered effectively and sustainably

It’s more important than ever to remember our role as Scouting’s morale officers: There is good news to share today, and there will be more to share in the future. Scouting will survive its challenges; it will be a different organization in the future (implementation of our new national service territories alone is ample evidence of that), but it also will be a stronger one better prepared to fulfill its mission.


News for Commissioners_06.01.2021

Go Start a Cub Scout Pack!
By Scott Sorrels, National Commissioner 

What is the most important thing you can do for Scouting? That’s easy. Go start a Cub Scout pack!

We know from our personal journey how the lockdown has affected our lives. Our Scouts have similarly been affected. Our older Scouts often found ways to stay engaged, and even thrive. Nearly 50,000 Eagle Scouts in 2020 — including our inaugural female Eagle Scout class — show the magic of the movement. It has been harder for our youngest Scouts. For the first time, our Cub membership currently lags Scouts BSA membership. Rebuilding our Scouting base after the pandemic can most benefit from rebuilding our Cub Scout base. Cub Scouts are the future foundation of our program, thus the mantra: Go Start a Cub Scout Pack!

Reflecting on this past year, I am struck by the realization that Scouting is ideally positioned to help and support American families in the post-pandemic environment. Think about it: Our program provides a structured, goal-oriented comprehensive program that is ready made for the American family. We can demonstrably prove how Scouting improves lives through character development, outdoor adventure, and education. That is the message we need to take to the American family.

Ongoing research about how we can best support our younger generation shows that there is much work to be done. A current Harvard University study suggests that two-thirds of their 7 to 15 age sample has clinically significant symptoms of anxiety and depression, with corresponding increases in hyperactivity and inattention. According to Dr. Ronald E. Dahl, the good news is that “troubling trajectories can be relatively easily reversed with positive experiences and by supporting kids through challenges.” The Harvard study has found that those who had structured routines, exercised, and had less screen time fared better. Is that starting to sound like Scouting? Other psychologists recommend that parents help their children find activities that give them a sense of purpose and help them set related goals. That sounds like a recipe for Scouting to me!

The re-emergence of Scouting is already happening. Summer camp attendance promises fun and adventure for tens of thousands of Scouts this summer. Our high-adventure bases are ready for a strong year. We, as a nation, are rediscovering the great outdoors. We are indeed ready to “Escape the Great Indoors,” as our new campaign will suggest. Units are meeting. Courts of honor are being held. Scouting is happening in America.

As commissioners, we should focus on retaining youth in a quality Scouting program. That has always been our calling. We urge you to reach out to lapsed units and see what we can do to reinvigorate delivery of the Scouting promise. We are already starting to see positive results from supporting and re-engaging units that just need a little extra attention. Finally, go start a Cub Scout pack! Call your local Scout professional or membership team and ask how you can help start a Cub Scout pack. Together, we can make a difference as we move forward to deliver our mission.

Thanks for all you do for Scouting,



News for Commissioners_05.30.2021

From Larry Chase, National Commissioner Service Team Chair:

Communications with commissioners must be timely, candid, and transparent. We continue to make changes to our communications tools to enable that.

The Commissioner is a quarterly newsletter published in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Traditionally, it has been available only as a complete document in pdf format accessed here: The Commissioner.

The next issue will be delayed until June and will still be available on the commissioner website, but it will be in a new format that will enable you to quickly focus on areas of particular interest. All the content you’ve been familiar with will be there, but access to what’s most important to you should be easier.

The focus of the June issue is “adapting to change”. There’s a lot of it going on in Scouting, and particularly at this time of the year. Over the next couple of weeks you’ll see advance copies of several articles that will be included in the new format.

The Commissioner will enable you to receive more strategic information; our new monthly newsletter that is emailed directly to all regional commissioners will provide you with more time-sensitive information.


News for Commissioners_05.26.2021

Youth Protection Update. Please share with your units.

BSA is updating its Youth Protection Training course materials, effective June 1. If you are in the middle of taking the training, you must complete the course before June 1 or you will have to start the training again. Please note: if you are current on YPT, your training will still be current after June 1. You will not have to take the course again until your current training expires.


News for Commissioners_05.06.2021

Region and Area position specific training retirement

The BSA reorganization will be replacing four regions and 27 areas with 16 national service territories. This is planned to take effect on June 1st immediately after the National Annual Meeting. When this happens, the positions of regional, assistant regional, area and assistant area commissioners will be retired. The online position specific training for those positions will be retired as well and removed from the Scouting U Learning Management system.

Training records will continue to reflect this training for those who have completed it. If you are presently taking any of these courses, please complete them prior to June 1st.

New training is being developed to support the national service territory commissioner and commissioner-elect. Please stay tuned to the commissioner development page for more information:


2021 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Scorecards and Workbooks are now available.

Scouting’s Journey to Excellence (JTE) is the BSA aspirational planning, performance, and recognition program designed to encourage and reward success of our units, districts, and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence and continuous improvement in providing a quality program. The 2021 unit Journey to Excellence Scorecards (PDF files) and Tracking Workbooks (Excel files) are now available:



Please remember that the 2021 Journey to Excellence program was suspended for districts and councils.


News for Commissioners_04.29.2021

Please share the updated COVID-19 FAQ with your units.


News for Commissioners_04.28.2021

Position Manager went to live in Production today (4/27). See it by going to Organization Manager, and then choose it from the sub-menu on the left-hand side. Organization Security Manager is scheduled to come down tomorrow morning (4/28)


News for Commissioners_04.15.2021: Commissioner Week 2021 is on.

If you have attended Philmont Training Center in the past, I’ll bet that you want to go back. If you haven’t attended yet, here is your chance to experience what everyone is talking about.

We have 8 conferences this year, two of which are new:

  • A Strong Unit Commissioner
  • Empowering the Council Commissioner Team
  • Empowering the District Commissioner Team
  • NEW Leveraging Roundtable in Unit Service
  • Recruiting and Engaging Commissioners
  • Second Century Service
  • NEW Serving All Units – Working with Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships and Explorer Posts
  • Starting, Sustaining and Growing Units

Commissioner Week 2021 will be held June 6 – June 12 at Philmont Training Center. Check out the brochure here.

Philmont Training Center will comply with all Covid-19 rules and regulations from the CDC, State of New Mexico, as well as the BSA. The latest update is from March 12, 2021. Additionally, as of today, Colfax County (the county in which Philmont Training Center is located) is at the Turquoise level, the best level in New Mexico. You can keep up with the latest updates on Covid-19 at Philmont Training Center here:  Covid-19 Mitigation at Philmont – Philmont Scout Ranch

You can register here: 2021 Philmont Training Center (

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to help out.

Yours in Commissioner Service,

Mike Moegenburg
Marketing and Communications Chair
National Commissioner Service Team


News for Commissioners_04.08.2021

Boy Scouts of America
Transition from Regions and Areas to National Service Territories

To: Council Key 3, Area Key 3, Region Key & NST Key 3
From: Larry Chase, Chair, National Commissioner Service Team
David Rumbarger, Chair, Regional Operations
Patrick Sterrett, Chief Operating Officer, BSA


Thank you for your interest in our movement and positive youth development. These are important times for the Boy Scouts of America. We are in the process of implementing a new service model that allows for greater council input and volunteer engagement. These changes are part of the BSA’s Churchill Plan and will consist of 16 National Service Territories. The purpose of the National Service Territories is to directly link local councils to the national council.

We value Scouting experience as a metric for these positions, we are also especially interested in welcoming volunteers within the movement and in the larger community that can bring rich life and career experiences to our teams. We aspire to recruit the best possible team for each National Service Territory and want all volunteers and parents across our movement to consider whether a National Service Territory role is an opportunity for your skills to meet one of our greatest needs: ensuring all councils are successful.

Each National Service Territory is responsible for filling nine key leadership positions and attached are the related materials for this important process. We are sending this final reminder to ask for your input in helping to identify the best candidates to serve as our “Functional Leads” in each territory. The nine positions we seek to fill include:

National Service Territory Role Title Related Experience
Safe Scouting Lead

Risk Management, Occupational Safety and Health

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead (New) Consensus and Team Building, Mediation, Workforce Resources Groups
Council Relations Lead Coaching, Consulting, Facilitating
Leadership and Governance Lead Board Experience, Strategic Planning, Visioning
Membership Lead Sales, Coach, Communications, Marketing
Program Lead Program or Portfolio Management, Performance Coaching, Operations Management
Marketing Lead Marketing, Brand Management, Social Media, Market Segmentation
Finance & Development Lead Development, Fundraising, Relationship-Based Sales
Council Performance Champion Project Management, Problem Solving


Job descriptions and nomination forms are below to make your recommendations. Please note that recommendations (including self-recommendations) are due by no later than April 12th. Your recommendations should be sent to your NST Director via email.

Please feel free to forward this to individuals you think would be qualified candidates. Previous Scouting experience is not required.

Together, WE are the Scouting movement. Each one of us, with all of our rich and varied backgrounds and life experiences. All our passionate voices are needed to create the Scouting movement that will develop the youth leaders of tomorrow from communities across our nation. Thank you for thinking about how you are called to serve, and for the leadership you will provide as we position Scouting to achieve a vibrant future.

Related Documents


News for Commissioners_04.07.2021

The Boy Scouts of America has released its Report to the Nation. Share and download the report here.


News for Commissioners_04.04.2021

Service is an integral part of scouting. Will you be sharing information on the BSA’s Summer of Service with your units?


News for Commissioners_04.02.2021

Please join us for the Membership and Marketing Webinar – Tech Edition on April 7, 2021 at 7PM. Register online here.

Recruiting during the pandemic has presented problems along the way. Do you want to learn how technology can help you recruit more scouts regardless of how the pandemic is impacting your unit?

We’ll be discussing how to use multiple features of tech tools like Facebook, Google,, and Online Registration to connect with more families and help get youth into Scouting. Register now, and share details about this webinar with your communities.


News for Commissioners_04.01.2021

Unit commissioners play a key role in unit health. They have the relationship with the unit’s leaders and mentor them as they work to improve their unit. Learn more about how to be a strong unit commissioner at Philmont Training Center, June 6 – 12. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.25.2021

Growing Membership Technology Edition

Please join us for the next Webinar on Growing Membership which will be held on April 7 at 7PM Central Time. We will look into the tech you should be familiar with in order to have a successful recruiting season. The topics include How to update your pin, materials available in the BSA Brand Center, technology and Scoutbook.

These topics will help you understand how to use technology and marketing materials in order to have a better membership drive, which means more scouts having fun and learning.

Register Now: Meeting Registration – Zoom


News for Commissioners_03.24.2021

Empowering the District Commissioner Team Conference, June 6 – June 12 at Philmont Training Center

District Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners lead the teams that interact with our units. Learn how to implement the council vision of unit service, understand the importance of relationships, roles and responsibilities this summer at Philmont Training Center, June 6 – 12, 2021. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.22.2021

Here is a summary of when USER Access expires for various situations:

Application / Program / System USER Access expires
Unit Internet Rechartering window

Just extended to 4 months after current charter expires.

The action taken was announced as an extension and not indicated as permanent change.  However, there is no plan to roll back the extension through at least the remainder of the current renewal cycle, that ends with units that expire on August 31, 2021.
Individual access to the my.Scouting suite and functional role based access to applications 4 months after the registration expires. Permanent.
Scoutbook / Internet Advancement 4 months after the registration expires. Permanent.
The ability to take YPT Never


News for Commissioners_03.21.2021

Council Commissioners and Assistant Council Commissioners will learn how to create a vision of unit service in their council, understand the importance of relationships, roles and responsibilities this summer at Philmont Training Center, June 6 – 12, 2021. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.20.2021

Please share this with your units:

This was just confirmed and was sent to Scout Executives Wednesday afternoon: The Internet Rechartering Access Window has been extended so that units that expired on December 31, but did not previously submit their renewals, may now continue with the online process.

Access closed, as usual, at the end of February, two months after expiration. This update will allow those units that were working online to continue, along with those units that did not begin Internet Rechartering.

Councils should notify units with expirations in November, December, and January, in particular, to continue with renewal if not previously completed.

Councils may need to provide Access Codes if unit leadership has recently reorganized. Please advise units to proceed promptly as this extension is time limited for additional two months.


News for Commissioners_03.18.2021

Whether it is Spring Recruitment, Fall Recruitment or starting a new unit, commissioners are involved. Whatever your commissioner role, you will learn how to help units grow at the Starting, Sustaining, and Growing Units Conference at Philmont Training Center June 6 – 12. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.16.2021

Serving all units, working with Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships and Explorer Posts

According to a review of membership data, older youth program participation increases tenure by 50%. Learn how to serve older youth programs at Philmont Training Center, Serving all units, working with Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships and Explorer Posts. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.15.2021

Updated Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse 3-11-2021

Please review the updated Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQ.


News for Commissioners_03.14.2021

Recruiting and Engaging Commissioners Conference

Conversations on Facebook this year indicate that we have not been successful recruiting commissioners. We also learned that we don’t have enough commissioners to cover all of our units. Learn how to recruit commissioners at the Recruiting and Engaging Commissioners Conference which will be held on June 6 – June 12, 2021 at Philmont Training Center. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site.


News for Commissioners_03.13.2021

Roundtable is Unit Service. Please join us for the Leverage Roundtables in Unit Service Conference at Philmont Training Center on June 6 – June 12. Registration is now open at Philmont’s registration site. Through well-planned and fully supported roundtables, commissioners of all roles and responsibilities provide effective service to the units in their care. This conference is appropriate for anyone providing unit service in the district or council, including but certainly not limited to, the roundtable commissioner. We look forward to seeing you there.


News for Commissioners_03.11.2021

Advancement Reports Can Now Be Accessed by Commissioners

Unit health has many components. Youth advancement is one component of unit health. Three new reports will be released later this week: Summary Advancement Reports by program area for Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA and Venturing. Commissioners will be able to access reports similar to the District Advancement Report without going to a professional. You can access these reports in My.Scouting by going to ROSTER; then selecting the Reports tab where the new reports can be found after the Chartered Organizations Report. (See Screenshot.) Don’t forget to include a date range before running the reports.


News for Commissioners_03.10.2021

Commissioners want to help units get the information they need quickly and easily. This “cheat sheet” was developed to help you find commonly requested information. Please share this “cheat sheet” with the other commissioners on your team as well as your units. Let’s help everyone by making it easier to find information.

Where to Find Information

Some people use search engines to find information. Please remember that when you do a search, you can add a website, such as to your search request to limit results to that website.


News for Commissioners_03.09.2021

Commissioner Week Registration at Philmont Training Center is open. You can learn more in the attached brochure or go straight to the registration link.


News for Commissioners_03.07.2021

Please share the Spring into Scouting Spring Recruiting Webinar with your units. You can access the power point and webinar recording here:


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