Quest Award

While working on the Quest Award, Venturers will be required to learn more
about what makes up a nutritional diet as well as design their own
personal exercise plans based upon lifestyle, fitness levels, and
desires for a healthy and long life. Hopefully this program will
introduce Venturers to a sport or sports that they will enjoy the rest
of their life.

  • Provide a wide variety of sports-related activities that encourage the development of the “whole” person.
  • Give Venturers the opportunity to pursue a specific sports interest in a new way that may not be available in a traditional Scouting, educational, or recreational setting.
  • Provide Venturers a variety of practical, hands-on sports experiences while having fun.
  • Promote fitness and sportsmanship.
  • Learn new sports correctly that Venturers will enjoy the rest of their life.
  • Recognize Venturers for achievement in the sports area.
  • Develop highly trained Venturers who may become a training and leadership sports resource to dens, packs, and troops, religious organizations, the community, schools, sports teams, and families.

Five Core Requirements: (Do all)

  • Complete the Venturing Quest essentials.
  • Complete an American Red Cross Sport Safety Training Course or equivalent.
  • Complete the Fitness for Life program.
  • Learn and do fitness assessments.
  • Sports Disciplines

Electives are: (Do one)

  • History and Heritage of Sports
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Drug-Free Sports
  • Communications
  • History and Heritage of the Disabled Sports Movement


Venturers who have completed the requirements should have their Advisor review the completed requirements, verify completion of the award, and order the award and certificate through the local Scout shop.


The Quest medal features the Vitruvian Man (c. 1492) by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci actually drew the figure as he was influenced by Vitruvius, a Roman engineer of the first century B.C. It is based on a model of ideal proportions which Vitruvius established. Like that balanced man that both Vitruvian and da Vinci modeled, the modern Venturer must be balanced physically, mentally, nutritionally, and even socially. The Vitruvian man stands before a red, white, and blue background. That background reminds us of national pride as our athletes compete against the world. The medal is suspended from a ribbon with a solid field of green. The green represents the sports field as well as the completion of the journey started with the bronze medal with its half green and half white ribbon.