Venturing Awards and Advancement

Venturing Awards and Advancement

Rank Advancement

These ranks (Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, and Summit) serve as benchmarks along a Venturer’s journey. They follow the Venturing ALPS program model, which provides a framework for a dynamic program of Adventure, Leadership, Personal growth, and Service. They are designed to work with crews of any specialization. LEARN MORE

Specialty Awards

Venturers are encouraged to explore their interests and passions. The Venturing specialty awards, while not a part of the core Venturing recognition program, allow Venturers to discover certain areas more in depth. The Ranger Award, Quest Award, TRUST Award, and Nova Awards allow Venturers to discover the outdoors, sports, their faith, and science respectively. LEARN MORE


Leadership Awards

The Venturing program is designed to develop those who participate in it into experienced leaders. To recognize those who have shown exceptional dedication and service to the program, the Venturing Leadership Award (VLA) and the Unit Leader Award of Merit were created. LEARN MORE