ALPS Youth Training

The Venturing A-L-P-S program model provides a framework for a dynamic program of Adventure, Leadership, Personal growth, and Service. It is grounded in a flexible program of continuous, youth-led adventure, with the recognition system providing Venturers with benchmarks of progress.

Venturing-specific trainings provide opportunities to learn and apply leadership skills. Venturing’s program model provides explicit training experiences to help youth lead and mentor as well as opportunities to test and refine skills during youth-led and youth-mentored adventures. The following training courses are those training opportunities for each award level.

Venturing Rank Trainings

Personal Safety Awareness Training

This training addresses personal safety concerns of our nation’s teenagers. A new revision of this training is currently in the final approval stage; in the meantime, please contact your Territory Coordinator. If you’re not sure who your Territory Coordinator is, please contact the National Venturing Advisor.

Training Videos and Resources:

Discovery Rank Trainings

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews

This training is intended to help Venturers in leadership positions within their crew understand their responsibilities and to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill those responsibilities. FACILITATOR GUIDE

Goal Setting and Time Management 

Finding a successful time management strategy depends on a person’s personality, ability to self-motivate and level of self-discipline. This course introduces established methods for improving a Venturer’s ability to effectively manage the events in his or her life in relation to time. FACILITATOR GUIDE

Crew Officer Orientation

This course helps orient new crew officers to the duties of their positions, and shows how an effective team of officers can lead a crew to success.

First-Aid & CPR

American Red Cross or American Heart Association, or an equivalent. Your course must include an in-person practical component.

Pathfinder Rank Trainings

Project Management Training

This training is designed to prepare Venturers to effectively manage projects. It leads them through each essential step, including initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. FACILITATOR GUIDE

Summit Rank Trainings

Mentoring for Venturing Crews

Mentoring is a form of leadership and can be performed in a variety of circumstances throughout the Venturing program. This training is designed to help Venturers understand how to mentor other members of the crew and appreciate the role mentoring plays in personal growth and leadership for both the mentee and mentor. FACILITATOR GUIDE