Council Standards of Venturing Excellence

The Council Standards of Venturing Excellence (CSVE) Award is presented by the BSA National Council to councils that complete the requirements during the previous calendar year. It is designed to measure a council’s Venturing program through analyzing various aspects of their growth in categories such as membership, trainings, events, and awards. Councils that earn the CSVE Award will be presented a dated, framed certificate at the National Annual Meeting. Please note that the name of this award has been changed back to CSVE (instead of Journey to Excellence for Council Venturing) as of 2021.


We highly recommend using the Council Standards of Venturing Excellence worksheet as you plan your year! For planning your 2021 Venturing year, use this 2021 CSVE worksheet.  Your results from 2021 will be recognized in 2022.

Submission Process

Fill out the Council Standards of Venturing Excellence application and turn it in by February 15 to The application will be available closer to the deadline.

All councils are highly encouraged to submit the form even if they do not qualify for an award level.


  • Bronze Level: 1700-2399
  • Silver Level * : 2400-2999
  • Gold Level * : 3000-3500

* If the Core Requirements score is greater than or equal to 1,700, a council is eligible for the bronze recognition and may earn additional points towards silver and gold in the Elective Requirements category.