Short-term Camp Administrator Local Council Host Site Registration

In order to qualify to host the Short-term camp Administrator course, the council will need to provide the name of the qualified trainer. A trainer qualifies if they hold a current certification in Resident Camp Director from National Camping School. 

If approved councils will be authorized to offer the training multiple times over a one-year period. 

Local Councils must agree to the following in order to be considered for approval:

  • Council will provide a facilitator that holds a current NCS Resident Camp Director (CS91) certification and agrees to instruct the curriculum as written. This person shall be approved by Outdoor Programs prior to conducting the course.
  • Council will pay a $100 host fee at the time of application. If the application is not approved by Outdoor Programs, a refund will be processed.
  • Once approved, the council is authorized to conduct this training multiple times for 12 months from the date of approval.
  • Council agrees to pay Outdoor Programs $55 per person trained during the authorization period. The council will be billed for participants after outdoor programs department receives a copy of the training roster.
  • Council will provide AV equipment, internet, projectors, flip charts, or other office equipment as appropriate for delivery of the material.
  • The Outdoor Programs team will provide training materials electronically to the trainer. The local council is permitted to distribute participant handouts electronically or print at the council’s discretion.
  • The council must present materials according to the syllabus and may not delete any sessions or materials.
  • The council may add to the materials only to the extent that is necessary to explain council-specific camps or programs.
  • At the conclusion of the course, within 3 days, the council will provide Outdoor Programs with a roster of participants. This roster must be emailed to
  • The National Council will mail individualized NCS training certification and a patch to each participant upon receiving a roster and payment from the local council.

By clicking the link below 

  • The local council agrees to the terms above.
  • The person completing the registration is authorized to complete the registration for the local council. (Registrant will need my.scouting credentials to complete the registration.)